WTF is going on with the JLA?



IESB has either gone full scale bonkers, or has really been doing its work on digging into the JLA film.

Would you believe not only will the film have Martian Manhunter, but also the OMACS, the killing of Max Lord by Wonder Woman, Checkmate, and Darkseid killing Superman? Yeah, I don’t believe it either, it’s just way over the top, and from the plot summary by Action Boy, seems rather lame; jam packed with waaaay too much story than could reasonably be contained in a two hour movie and still make sense. Mr. Action’s description actually makes me want to see David Goyer’s Super Max over this film.

You can read the whole thing over at the site, but it sounds like someone was watching an early copy of Death of Superman DVD, reading Infinite Crisis, and the OMACS series simultaneously, while smoking a bit of the holy herb and started tripping. Seriously, if this is the real film summary, Warner Bros. should have dropped the $20 million paycheck at my door, and I would have whipped something up (free tip #2: Make Lex Luthor a reluctant good guy).

Oh and apparently this fast-tracked film will feature a bunch of not well known actors and Leonardo DiCaprio as Aquaman – the lamest character on the team. Since Routh and Bale (and now apparantly Tom Welling) won’t be playing any of the major roles, why would Leo go for King Lame of the Sea?

Is it sounding crazy messed up to you too? Everything seems so far fetched, that I wouldn’t be surprised if all this stuff is being made up for Link Love Friday.

Well here you go gents: via

(free tip #3: Start the film with The Question tracking a mystery).