The second issue of Top Cow’s Pilot Season is on its way, and the company dropped off a sneak peek of Cyblade: Pilot Season #1 for you to check out. Don’t forget you can vote which two characters will get their own all-new series at www.myspace.com/pilotseason.

Cyblade: Pilot Season #1
(W) Joshua Hale Fialkov
(A)Rick Mays
(Cov) Rick Mays

Cyblade – she’s training to be an elite super-spy and assassin, but who is she working for? A cereberal action thriller in the vein of Alias and La Femme Nikita, this is a whole new portrayal of Cyberforces’s electromagnetic warrior. Written by Harvey Award Winner Joshua Hale Fialkov (Elk’s Run, Punks: The Comic) with stunning art by Rick Mays (Kabuki, Zatanna), the true origin of Cyblade begins here.

Pages from CBPS001_Page_1.jpgPages from CBPS001_Page_4.jpgPages from CBPS001_Page_5.jpgPages from CBPS001_Page_6.jpgPages from CBPS001_Page_7.jpgPages from CBPS001_Page_8.jpg

Full Color 32 pages $2.99 pilot issue


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  1. Why do you think that Brent? Is it the color, anatomy, artist style, composition? If I were to post a negative comment about these previews, I’d probably say something like, “Man, I can’t believe how tight the clothes are on that girl – how unrealistic is that!? I think the artist would be better off going back to a life drawing class and taking a few lessons from real life. On the other hand, if such a woman existed that wore clothes like that, please point her my way.”

    I’m glad you post, but please add some context to your statement.

  2. I have to say that I don’t have even the slightest idea what this woman is about, and I’ve read Cyberforce… Meh.

    That is some god awful art work

    Without wanting to seem like we’re beatin’ up on you, I kind of agree with Stephen. A little context would help immensely in terms of getting your message across. There’s enough immediate smack-talk on the internet already… Here at Stately Spoilers Manor, we aims high!

    To wit, the anatomy in panel three of page one is pretty messed up, and I can’t figure out how that dress stays up…

  3. Funny, had I complimented the art no extra context would be necessary.

    If I have to point out the obvious then here goes:

    1.) The expressions are lifeless and dull.
    2.) The coloring and shading makes everyone look like a plastic doll.
    3.) The lack of shadows or reflections on the cover makes the characters look pasted on.
    4.) Facial structures seem to change from panel to panel.
    5.) Almost all of the women are wearing form fitting dresses.

  4. Now that you put everything in context,I would agree with you on your assessment. :D

    As was mentioned in another story, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so one man’s art is another man’s garbage and until it is stated why it is art or garbage, it’s just a statement.

    Thanks for posting Brent, we always look forward to your comments.

    Stephen Schleicher

  5. I’m actually really looking forward to this. Love Joshua Fialkov and Rick Mays previous work. I’m not sure about this style of coloring over Rick Mays though. Not that it’s bad, it reminds me a lot of Morry Holliwells stuff (the guy that colors most of Steve Mcnivens work at marvel). But I think Mays has quite and angular graphic style and his black and white Kabuki:Scarab work had a lot more energy to the linework. I think an simpler cut style of color would work better with his style, kind of like the way most of Brian Stelfreezes sequentials are colored, instead of something so rendered.

    But anyway, Definitely going to be looking out for it :)

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