laurencefishburne.jpgYes, the rumors continue from the website. Today the gumshoes of comic filmdom are spreading gossip that the OMACS and white Martians would be playing heavies in the Justice League of America film (you know, the one that Tom Welling is supposedly in).

And speaking of Martians, Martian Manhunter may be played by Laurence Fishburne.

The rumoring goes on to say Ryan Reynolds is still on for the Flash, Maxwell Lord makes an appearance, and George Miller has been watching a lot of the Justice League cartoons.

I love rumors, they get the Interweb community’s panties in such a bind with trolls coming out of the woodwork proclaiming their own truth or debunking the rumors with, “ says those rumors are false! It said so on that other Internets site so it must be true!”

Take it for what it is worth true believers, a rumor is just that, a rumor.  I still think a JLU all CGI movie done in the vein of Final Fantasy would rock everyone’s balls to the wall, and I would personally see that flick in the theatre five times (maybe even back to back).  But I don’t think that will happen, as I’m sitting here in the middle of nowhere, and not in an expensive Hollywood home’s hot tub with two hot girls named Jessica, while telling Charisma Carpenter why she can’t come over tonight. In other words, until Warner Bros. offers me a big check, I’m keeping my ideas to myself (free tip #1: hire Paul Dini and Bruce Timm before proceeding).



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  1. I agree with the rumor is a rumor thing, but I still wonder if an all CGI JLA movie will do well in the American market. I agree that it would probably be great, but I have a hard time seeing WB taking that chance on a vehicle that is supposed to searve as a launch pad for so many other movies.

    They got to be REAL careful wih this one.

  2. I think an all CGI movie would do just fine in the USA. Even though Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within only made $31million at the box office, I think that was due to the fact the only people who went were FF fans to begin with, the rest of the would be attendees probably never heard of FF, and got lost in what the whole movie was about.

    On the flipside, Hollywood wouldn’t be banking on Beowulf if they didn’t think they could draw in audiences. Considering an all CGI JLA film could be made of high quality and relatively cheap, and knowing American audiences are familiar with Superfriends, Smallville, and the like, I think you could have a super big box office opening of at least $75 million the first weekend. Following the standard 8 week in theater release at a 20% drop per week would give an all CGI JLA film (or at least my vision of it) puts a total box office haul somewhere around $250 million, which is more than Superman Returns. If the box office drop were 40% per week, that still puts it in the $150 million range, and I know you could do the whole movie for less than $75, which means you double the money, and if the story is good, you have all the merch and DVD sales to boost you even higher. For what it’s worth Polar Express brought in $162 million and it wasn’t even that good…

    just my thoughts…

  3. IESB is getting out of hand. Next thing they’ll be reporting is that Crisis on Infinite Earths will be the backdrop for this JLA film. And Stephen, I second your sentiments on Dini & Timm. I can watch Justice League & JLU on a continuous loop and never grow tired, absolutely fantastic stuff there.

  4. I’d suggest Fishburne as voice over only with the Martian looking as alien as possible (as oppose to just Laurence Fishburne with green make-up and green Klingon-like cap) much like how Abe Sapien was done in Hellboy.

  5. Wouldn’t a motion-capture of Doug Jones (Abe Sapien) with the voice of Fishburne make this just a redux of Silver Surfer? I mean, I guess they’re both badass super-powerful bald aliens, but I would think that similarity would be a good reason to not do J’onn like that.

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