Empowered Volume 2 on the Way



If you haven’t read Empowered by Adam Warren, then you are missing out one some great satire and great art. Dark Horse let Major Spoilers know the second volume of Empowered is set to arrive September 19, 2007.

Empowered returns for further misadventures as the peril-prone girl-wonder struggles with life on the super-heroic C-list! Clad ¬– or unclad, as fate would too often have it – in her embarrassingly revealing and maddeningly unreliable super-suit, she fights a never ending battle against overly sensitive super-villains, irrationally envious super-heroines, and her own body-image issues! Meanwhile, her boyfriend, Thugboy, plays with fire when he foolhardily attempts to compliment his profoundly insecure sweetheart on the awe-inspiring power of her . . . well, booty. And her often-inebriated gal-pal, Ninjette, pursues a drunken and ultimately disastrous mission to acquire Empowered some respect—by force if necessary! All this, plus crossword-obsessed goons, speech-impaired super-beasts, “Ninjas Gone Wild,” and even a few self-help hints from nigh-omnipotent cosmic overlords!

Take the jump for more info, plus a slew of images of Empowered and her “friends” from Adam Warren.


Empowered Volume 2 arrives September 19 for $14.95.

via Dark Horse