JLA as a CGI?



Rumors are flying fast and furious over the Justice League of America movie. We’ve had reports that the Big Seven would be featured in the film,but that was followed up a few days later with info that neither Brandon Routh nor Christian Bale would be involved in the project. So what gives?

IESB has been trying to put all the pieces together and has come up with a possible answer – The Justice League of America movie will be an all CGI affair.

This explains why Happy Feet director George Miller is set to direct the piece.

This would put our League of Superheroes in a world much like Paramount’s Beowulf or Cameron’s Avatar, where they could hire any actor they wanted and tweak and change them accordingly.

If this is indeed the case, then I’m all for it. I think you would be able to do so much more in a full CGI environment than you could using live actors. But instead of going the Polar Express route, I would hope the look of the film is closer to Final Fantasy – now that would rock.

The only issue I have with the rumor as it stands right now is the fact that the movie only seems to feature the main heroes. If it is CGI, I say make a full on all CGI Justice League Unlimited that is a direct follow up to the animated series. Not only would that rock balls it could even cause the DVD sales of the multi-season show to get a boost, and would allow everyone a chance to see their favorite superhero in action. It’s just too bad New Frontier is getting the direct to DVD treatment, as I’d pay movie theater prices to see that story all CGI and on the big screen.

Who’s with me? Do you want to see a stand alone JLA movie that is seperate from everything, or would you rather see JLU in CGI?

Thanks Bill for the tip!

And before you get all worked up, the image at the top is not tied to the movie, but rather something someone put together a few years ago.

via IESB