christianbale_1.jpgDuring a press junket for 3:10 to Yuma, Christian Bale was asked if he would be in the Justice League of America movie.

Bale, who plays Batman again in The Dark Knight, said he is not, and we don’t really expect him to. He’ll probably stick with his current franchise with director Christopher Nolan.

That pretty much shoots the team movie in the foot from the start, as audiences could get confused by potentially two Batmen out at the same time. Remember JLA is being fast tracked for a summer 2009 release, and the third Nolan Batman movie could bow in 2010 or 2011. If Bale wanted to capitalize on the franchise, he’d agree to the League movie and still do the third Bat-flick, and still have plenty of time left in his career for the next deranged killer movie. But that’s just me.

With Batman up in the air at the moment, who do you want to see done the tights and stalk the night in the Justice League Movie?

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  1. JLA will be another trash super hero movie. lets not associate that with this new batman franchise. we finally have something that got rid of that dirty after taste of the last batman franchise, getting it back is like getting herpes break out.

  2. Hmm, “Christina Bale?” “deranged killer movie?” Kind of cheap shots, eh?

    Between Batman movies, Bale has/will appear in “Harsh Times,” “The New World,” “The Prestige,” “Rescue Dawn,” “3:10 to Yuma” and the weird ensemble Bob Dylan flick “I’m Not There”. I think Bale is doing all right for himself.

    Plus, does Batman need to appear in the JLA movie? There have been times when Batman was not in the JLA, and there will be enough other heroes…. Let the Nolan/Bale franchise do it’s own thing.

  3. Plus, does Batman need to appear in the JLA movie? There have been times when Batman was not in the JLA, and there will be enough other heroes…. Let the Nolan/Bale franchise do it’s own thing.

    I’m with Jim, here. There have been plenty of good JLA stories that didn’t include Superman and Batman, and plenty of terrible ones that did. And since movie continuity doesn’t have to follow comic book continuity (see Iceman’s turn in the X-Men films) I don’t see why they couldn’t found a team with, say, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Flash, Wonder Woman, Vixen, Hawkgirl and Black Lightning and have a good mix of personalities.

    Also worth noting: the original JLA membership is overwhelmingly comprised of white guys in their 30’s, and this IS the age of diversity…

  4. Frankly, I don’t care if Batman is in the JLA movie or not, but if the Batman is scripted in, it’s going to cause all sorts of problems with two different actors playing The Goddamn Batman.

  5. Stephen, there is one out if they want a different actor to be Bats. Considering that the Bale Batman in “BB” was the younger, and, well… “beginning” Batman, they could cast an older actor to play the mature Batman later in his career. (Though I still thinks it would still be weird to have two franchises with the same character, whether it was Bale or not.)

    I hear what Matthew’s saying about diversity, but we don’t want to go the route of Samurai and El Doraldo from “Superfriends”! One obvious answer would be John Stewart, as you then get a GL on the team, too. Frankly, I kinda wish they would just let Timm, Tucker et al do an animated JL movie, as their takes on the team have been so good and probably better than what will happen in the live-action one.

  6. They could have a cameo by Superman and an acknowledgement of Batman, maybe? Maybe consider recruiting “that guy from Gotham” and having Superman shake his head and say “won’t do it, he works alone.”

  7. Two actors playing live-action Batmen screams, “Bad idea!”

    Frankly, I think casting someone else in Bale’s place would diminish fan support for this movie. They are definitely better off just not having Batman in the movie at all. Write him off as not being a team player.

  8. People, people, the solution’s obvious! Have Bale playing ‘Batman’ in the Nolan franchise and another actor playing ‘The Goddamn Batman’ in the JLA franchise. Problem “solved”!

  9. A really good JLA movie could have Batman and Superman in cameos – just look at the first Justice League story – Cut to Superman in space pounding asteroids, then cut to Batman saying “i’m too busy, but I’ll keep my eye on it.”


  10. Bill, I just saw that rumor too. I was going to post it on here if someone hadn’t already, so thanks. But yeah I would be totally pissed if they went the CGI/Motion Capture route with the JLA. I think the Polar Express looked lame, but for a holiday family movie that style worked. It’s not a style that you would expect to see in a big summer comic book action film. If the the WB wants to make a JLA movie they need to do it right and realize that it will cost a lot of scratch. However if done right it will bring in a ton of money making up for whatever huge investment they made in the movie.

  11. I want Kyle Rayner as GL!, the Batman situation could be hadled well but doing just what everyone else has said, by stateing that he’s a loner and won’t do it. I will say this though, the actors in the title roles for movies like Batman and Superman should have it written in their contracts that should have to do movies like the Justice league. For the simple reason of putting the best team together on the silver screen and Batman and Superman are almost always associated with the Justice League.
    I would also like to see the Flash with Ryan Reynolds playing the part, No clue for Wonder Women, Gabriel Union as Vixen, No clue for GL or Back Canary or Green Arrow. Lets face it you can’t have Black Canary with out having Green Arrow. If anyone has Suggestions I like to hear them

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