You Aren’t Reading Evil, Inc.?



Why not? The web comic by Brad Guigar is perfect for superhero fans, and has had an arc going for the last year that really got interesting last week.

Last week ended with a mysterious explosion and this week began with an equally mysterious memorial service. The next nine days are not to be missed.

Want to know more about the series? Take the jump for some words from Guigar and then head over to the site to check it out for yourself.

In a story arc that started the day Evil Atom was forced out of the company he single-handedly created ( ), the new CEO of Evil Inc — a superHERO — has had to grapple with making the company profitable.

Failure would cause the demise of the Legion of Justice — which invested heavily in Evil Inc ( ).

But success would, of course, mean aiding and abetting super-criminals.


If you’re not a regular reader of “Evil Inc,” there’s no better time to start. Jump in here – — and buckle your seat belts.

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