If you didn’t read the Major Spoilers review of Booster Gold #1, then you missed out on the next big clue for the DCU. Take the jump for the big (and I mean big) picture, then my W.A.G.s on what it could mean.


Yeah, the image is really big, click the image for super-size me mode.

  • 1870: We already know Booster and Jonah Hex are going to meet.
  • 1939: Batman makes his first appearance in Detective Comics #27. This is also the year Captain Marvel was created, even though he didn’t appear until 1940.
  • 1985+2006=Why 2008?: 1985 Crisis on Infinite Earths, 2006 Infinite Crisis, 2008 Final Crisis. Also the 50th Anniversary of the Legion of Super-Heroes.
  • New Krypton?: No idea, but I bet Zod and Non are gonna pop up.
  • Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes: Are we bringing back the classic Legion? The ones introduced in the pages of The Adventures of Tom Welling? Notice Superman is underlined and not Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes. She’s moving off the series soon.
  • Thom Kallor: Read your Major Spoilers Hero History kiddies. Not only is this incarnation of Star Boy from the original Legion, he also as traveled to multiple Earths. Is he a key figure in the Final Crisis?
  • Power Girl Missing: She did disappear for a while into the bottled city of Kandor. Perhaps she’s going to Earth-2. I have some other guesses that I’ll hold for the time being.
  • The Return of Ray Palmer: Well it is called, “The Hunt for Ray Palmer”. Looks like he’ll be found and back for more DC adventures.
  • Beware the Red Lanterns: Red Lanterns? Not pink, right? During the Legends event, several Green Lanterns took refuge in Russia. Could this be a faction of lanterns from the Earth of Red Superman?
  • Who is the other person making up Firestorm?
  • Long Live the Real King: Yes! Ash Williams is going to make a crossover into the DC Universe!
  • Darkseid RIP: We know the death of the New Gods is about to commence. We know only one is going to make it out. Perhaps it isn’t Darkseid after all…or perhaps he does. The name is obscured for now.
  • Titans Hunt II: Looks like the first culling of the Titans herd was a success, and the authorities are allowing another mercy killing.
  • Don’t Worry About Countdown: I think I’m the only one reading Countdown right now DC, so I don’t think you have to worry about people looking too deeply into that series.
  • Who is Dr. Thirteen: You did read the Tales of the Unexpected mini-series didn’t you Rip? With the mind-trip that was that back up series, I know we are going to see more of that dream team before Final Crisis ends.

There are my thoughts. It’s time for you to comment with your wild ass guesses as to what the board means. For the most part this Rip Hunter Chalk Board is not as cryptic as the one we saw in 52, but there are certainly some interesting topics to think about.


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  1. Long live the real King=O.G. Aquaman?

    SuperMAN and the Legion=Synergy with the TV toon and wreckin’ up the Superboy mythos once and for all?

    1939=Besides Batman, 1st appearance of: Blue Beetle (Dan Garrett,) Sandman (Wesley Dodds,) and the publication of Superman #1. Oh, and Bozo the Iron Man, according to Wikipedia, which wouldn’t have been a bad name for Tony Stark over the past year or so.

  2. I wrote two fanfics years ago involving Red Lanterns. If DC’s official Red Lanterns are similar either of mine then I shall be amused.

  3. Countdown is a great book to read when I go to the bathroom. Seriously, th ewhole thing got off to a terrible start. Let’s just hope the last 26 issues make up for the first few…. Paul Dini is a great writer but he is not a head writer nor his he Geoff Johns…

  4. The Aquaman appearance in JLA 12 either means that Martian Manhunter can now see dead people or he’s paying people to dress up like his dead friends. I like the second explanation better myself.

  5. Juniper, in JLA 12 Aquaman and J’onn are watching the league in present time (of the story), and commenting on it. They are the shadowed figures who keep talking, though we get a bit of a glimpse of their shoulders at the end of the issue. It’s clearly them and J’onn even calls him “Arthur.”

  6. Red Lanterns, in the latest GL they were talking about color spectrum and how Green was the middle path with Yellow on one side, perhaps they are saying Red is on the other?

    I would have figured blue, seeing as how that is a calming color, and yellow hasn’t exactally come off as too peaceful.

    I mean if Green is the middle and is good, and yellow is on one side and made of Fear, is Red evil, anger, or passion?

    I just hope they don’t make the Lanterns like they make kryptonite on Smallville.

  7. As a fan of the Titans, I pray to some higher power, that Titans Hunt II will be a hunt to find missing Titans, not killing them off. Which, BTW, I’m still pissed over. *coughTomWellingcough* *coughBartAllencough*

    And if we got Green, Yellow, and Pink Lanterns (I almost typed Rangers there), then why not Red. And I’m going to guess that it would embody hate/rage. And they’ll be evil, just like every other color Lantern except Green. I think the Guardians should sue for copyright infringement, or at least patent infringement.

    Isn’t Black Adam a king, as well?

  8. “Power Girl Missing: She did disappear for a while into the bottled city of Kandor. Perhaps she’s going to Earth-2. I have some other guesses that I’ll hold for the time being.”

    She’s known to be missing from the new Earth-2 as of the end of 52 #52 along with Kal-L — at least, that Earth’s PG and Supes, who bore an amazing resemblance to the ones in INFINITE CRISIS, were missing, per the (real) Huntress and the fliers she was distributing.

  9. Matthew Peterson on

    Ummm… don’t we mean Rip Hunter’s LAB?

    Because, frankly, I don’t want to know the secrets of Rip Hunter’s Lap.

  10. Matthew: Fine, fine! If you want to know the secrets of Rip Hunter’s Lab then so be it, although I think there are some out there that are interested in the mystery of Rip Hunter’s Lap (not that there is anything wrong with that).

  11. Waid said that no one else at DC knew what the heck was going on in Meltzer’s run so who knows? It’s probably best if McDuffie leaves that one be for now.

  12. i dont really care what’s written this time around…

    i’m still waiting for the point why the Sonic Disruptors and those other chalkboard write-ups from 52 to clear up first…


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