That is a possible fanboys. When pressed about his next project, John Singleton mentioned he’s attatched to direct big screen adaptations of Luke Cage and The Black Panther.

While there are several actors being considered for the part of the African Prince, in an interview with Reelz Channel, Singleton mentioned Chiwetel Ejiofor would be really good in the part.

So who would you rather see; Djimon Hounsou (left) or Chiwetel Ejiofor (right)?


via Reelz Channel


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  1. I’m not a Black Panter fanboy but I really can’t imagine finding someone better than Chiwetel Ejiofor. I feel the same way about him for this role as I did when I learned Christian Bale was doing Batman.

  2. I absolutely LOVED Hounsou in Gladiator, and I think he has the look and the gravitas necessary to play the part well. Both are absolutely amazing actors, and I would be pleased to see either of them in the role. Ejiofor is a tribesman, so that would be even cooler.

  3. Ejiofor is great, but he has a very “western” look to him. I buy hounsou more as a tribesman. But they are both great. I could see the film working well with either of them.

  4. PLEASE go see Ejiofor’s performance in “Talk To Me”, especially the Pool Hall scene where he describes life as a “black guy in a suit”, always underestimated by corporate America disrecpected “brothers in the ‘hood”. It is a great scene executed by a consumate actor. Ejiofor is perfect for a sterotype-free, Batman Begins type rendition of T’challa. Nor does he look “too western” because not every person of direct African heritage looks like a big bald buck, which is where most of Dijimon Honsou’s appeal lies with fan boys. Africa is a huge place with diverse looking people.

    I’m not so sure about John Singleton’s vision, especially with him considering Tyrese Gibson as Luke Cage. That is worse than when LL Cool J was being considered. There are so many trained, physically suited black actors available for various kinds of roles, but Hollywood and fan boys tend to only consider Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Samuel Jackson, Morgan Freeman or rappers. Yet when it is time to cast Superman or Batman, the proper care is taken to find a spot-on actor (and in the case of Brandon Routh, a complete unknown was given a shot).

  5. Chiwetel Ejiofor IS TCHALLA and if the script is worrthy it should get him a well deserved Academy Award. The actor is brilliNT and the role was made for an actor of his style and grace.

  6. ToneDeff Jackson on

    Chiwetel Ejiofor would be great I love to see that movie infact I wont watch unless it stars him I couldn’t imagain anyone better for the role

  7. thanks for the comment, Brent.

    I think Ejiofor would do very well. I was also turned off by that ‘western’ comment. Both actors are from western Africa, as am i, (same ethnic group as Ejiofor) and I can tell you more people there look like Ejiofor than Hounsou, so get that ‘tribesman’ idea out of your head people…

    with that said, i just hope the film is of good quality and that actors are chosen for their skill and not just to fill seats. if its good enough, it’ll make money.

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