Wiz World Chi: That Pesky Marriage



According to Joe Quesada, it’s that pesky marriage between Peter Parker and Mary Jane that is limiting the stories writers can tell.

What other things spilled out of the two Marvel panels? I’ve got the highlights after the jump.

  • Cory Walker will be doing art on Punisher: War Journal #13-#15.
  • Killraven returns
  • Following World War Hulk, we’ll likely see follow up books under the World War Hulk: Aftersmash banner.
  • The Skrull story has been planned for 3 years and will come to a climax in the spring of 2008, and it may tie into Annihilation and Conquest.
  • No new Young Avengers for a while.
  • Runaways is delayed until October.
  • A Marvel Zombies Omnibus is not out of the question, but fans won’t see it until the sequel ends.
  • Seems like all “the moments you’ve all been waiting for” will happen in 2008.
  • Happy ending in Endangered Species? Wait and see, but I’m going to guess…return to status quo!
  • The elimination of many mutants will return them to their outcast/outsider status in the Marvel U.
  • According to Quesada, there are three kinds of readers; those that buy trades, those that buy monthlies, and those that buy both. Sales are up all around.
  • No Ben Reilly
  • Events are roughly planned about a year and a half out.
  • Gambit will play a big role in Messiah CompleX.


More summaries as I get to them!