Vertigo Announces New Willingham/Sturges Title



Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges, two of my favorite writers, have teamed up with Vertigo for the new ongoing comic series House of Mystery.

A Pirate. A Poet. Tormented Lovers and the woman who tries not to come between them. For reasons unknown even to them, they have all been imprisoned in the House of Mystery, which functions as a tavern in an abandoned secret location. Together, they maintain the tavern and coax stories out of its patrons, all while they seek to discover the secrets behind their connections to each other and their unusual abode.

The House of Mystery series has been around for decades as a horror and suspense story. It was later revised and used as part of The Sandman. Willingham and Sturges say they will bring a brand new take to the title, that follows the lives of the house’s imprisoned characters. Art for the series will be done by Luka Rossi.

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