Image Comics Panel Highlights



Image Comics had several panels at the San Diego Comic-con beyond the Image Comics: The Founders panel. In the Image Comics Show several projects were discussed including the Mice Templar.

  • The idea behind Mice Templar has been around since before Powers.
    Too bad someone else beat Oeming to the punch with Mouse Guard.
  • After issue #50, some very big things will happen in the Invincible universe.
  • Erik Larsen has been stockpiling issues for Savage Dragon, which explains why we haven’t seen anything for a while.
  • Fire Breather is returning in 2008 with Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn.
  • The Girls will get a single volume trade.
  • Scud: The Disposable Assassin is also getting the gigantic trade treatment.
  • Kirkman says he will kill as many characters as possible in celebration of issue 50 of The Walking Dead.
  • Image is also jumping on the public domain bandwagon, saying The Next Issue Project, will take those characters and do what would have been the next issue.
  • Image will be reviving some Jack Kirby titles.


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