At the DC Panel today, Dan DiDio announced Countdown would have an official name change to Countdown to Final Crisis starting with issue #26.

Take the jump for more announcements made at the panel.

  • countdown28.jpgNo plans to bring Static Shock back at this time.
  • All the time traveling problems with the Legion of super-Heroes and Booster Gold will be addressed over the next year.
    I repeat – a year from now, the multiple versions of the Legion will come to light.
  • A couple of big clues to the LoSH woes will be revealed in Supergirl #21 and #22.
  • Time is still broken, as Booster will discover.
  • The monitor wearing the Anti-Monitor costume at the end of Brave and the Bold will be explained soon.
    I thought he already was in Sinestro Corps.
  • We may see yet another major player in the DCU die.
    Considering Batman is the only one who hasn’t died on the recent Final Crisis one-sheet DC solicited, he may be the target.
  • There are some Batgirl scenes in upcoming Birds of Prey stories.
  • The Suicide Squad are key players in the DCU.
  • There is a project in the works for All Star Squadron.
  • Superman’s post Crisis origin story will get more clarification.
  • Jason Todd’s identity is definitely part of the Jimmy Olsen must die storyline.

More info from the DC Nation panel tomorrow.


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  1. Not to sound like a fanboy who is unwillingly to accept changes, but I have no desire to see someone besides Bruce Wayne donning Batman’s cape for an extended period of time. I don’t mind a future issue here of there (Batman #666). Or even if someone else takes over for a little bit when Bruce has back problems. But for an ongoing series I just don’t want to see Bruce dead and out as Batman. So if DC does kill him off (which I highly doubt, considering Final Crisis will be coming out around the same time as the release of “The Dark Knight”) it will ease my comic expenses for a little bit because the Bat-books will be off the Pull List. Well, at least until Bruce is eventually comes back because you know there’s no way they’d leave him dead for long.

  2. Sean: Mark my words. There will be a number of huge deaths between now and the end of FINAL CRISIS. They’ll be permanent. The characters will be dead. Other characters will move up permanently to fill their shoes.

    And, in the aftermath of all this death, we will see the first heroes of the new Earth-1 debut — the counterparts of the heroes New Earth lost. We’ll see both a reboot into a new ongoing universe =and= a new status quo for the old universe in which anything can happen to anyone.

    Now, I say this as someone who “knows” nothing from nothing. But it explains the FINAL CRISIS title, it explains all the talk from DC about how the first CRISIS should have completely rebooted the line, and it explains why DC is taking such pains not to show us so much as a single panel’s glimpse of Earth-1.

    Sanlear: COUNTDOWN is pulling in mid-70K numbers as of June. Not the numbers 52 was doing, but doing 75% of what Grant Morrison and Mark Waid and company were doing with Sean McKeever and Justin Gray in their places is pretty good work.

  3. how come I have a feeling that Final Crisis is just a stepping stone to another “big” (but useless) crossover?

    I had hoped Infinite Crisis would have solved DC inconsistencies (if there ever were), but at this moment, I feel like Infinite Crisis will just turn out to be one of those crossovers that will be forgotten easily.

    I have a feeling that Final Crisis will just be the same. DC would just be making crisis after crisis, just to get fan’s attention (and money).

    Then again, being a solid-DC fan since the 80s, I’m really getting turned away with everything thats happening to DC these days.

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