watchmen_casting.jpgThe cast for the Watchmen movie has been announced. Some of the names may be familiar to some and surprises to others.

Jackie Earle Haley


Billy Crudup
Dr. Manhattan


Malin Akerman
Laurie Juspeczyk (the Silk Spectre)


Matthew Goode
Adrian Veidt (Ozymandias)


Patrick Wilson


Jeffrey Dean Morgan
The Comedian



Shooting will start this fall in Vancouver, and will be directed by Zach Snyder. If you are at the Warner Bros. Panel on Friday at the San Diego Comic-Con, don’t be surprised if the cast and director make an appearance.

via Hollywood Reporter


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  1. That is a nice group there. I would’ve loved a Jude Law Ozymandias, but oh well… I’m just glad that there aren’t any “A-listers” in it.

  2. Lesser known actors is definitely the way to go in a project like this. Nite Owl and the Comedian seem a little too pretty, but that’s not really unexpected.

  3. This reeks of prohibitive cost-cutting. I can’t blame them for going with unknowns–classic or not, “Watchmen” does not equal “crowd-wowing blockbuster.”

    The original story is not for stupid people…you know, the people that made the Chuck and Larry movie #1 over the past weekend. Hopefully it will make SIN CITY money, but because WATCHMEN seriously lags behind SIN CITY in the blood and tits department, it will be a harder sell, I thinks. But then again, if they contain the story within one really good film, it won’t matter. Not like we need a sequel anyway. The only thing bad about Watchmen flopping would be more hemming and hawing on the DC properties that still have yet to make it into development.

    But the cast is interesting, if a little shiny.

  4. cool. check out the flick “little children” to see two of those actors in a great flick. Jackie Earle Haley as
    Rorschach is frickin awesome.

  5. I love that they have chosen lesser knowns as actors. If they chose larger payscale actors it could have only distracted from the story. Now when one of the characters says or does something, it is not just another thing that TOm Cruise has done, people will have a better chance in believing in the characters themselves.

  6. Hummm…….
    Unknowns are good but I liked the rumour about Brad Pitt as Ozymandias (Tyler Durden) and John Cusack (perfect hang dog expression in Grosse Pointe Blank) as night owl. While we’re talking big names, I’d like to see if Tom Selleck could pull off the comedian, not sure if he could but it could be interesting……..

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