One month in, and life with my first born has been pretty good. That is until last night…


I kid, I kid! In all seriousness, my son doesn’t stink.

And as much grief as I and many others have been giving All-Star Batman and Robin, I had a thought last night that actually put the first arc of the series in perspective and may have me rethinking my hate. I’ll expand on that when, and if, the next issue arrives.


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  1. Kurt Fenreer on

    “In all seriousness, my son doesn’t stink.”

    Yet. One morning, you’ll take off a diaper and encounter something even more foul than Liefield’s Fighting American. He’ll have something called a “blow-out” where the material is ejected and squeezed forth from the containment packaging and smeared, inexplicably, from ankle to neck, kind of like a bad comic crossover event.

    You’ll see. Right now you might be saying “Ant Man? Ghost Rider? In a Hulk event?” but you’ll soon be saying “Aww, c’mon… how’d it get in his hair!?”

    Diaper Genies are God’s gift to fathers. If you don’t have one, you’ll soon find out that you want one.

  2. Wait till he gets solid food…. Muhahahahah! I’m not lucky (or old) enough to be a father, but my older brother’s kid is turning 1 in a week. When he started giving the baby solids, it was a stink worthy of a Fletcher Hanks comic.

  3. Oi, All-Star Batman and Robin is a work of genius!

    Alas, it has become a victim of the average American’s inability to recognize satire or irony.

    Satire and irony, Mr. Jones are what have me rethinking my stand on ASB&R. I mean if you look at it from the pure cheese of it, it makes brilliant sense and is one incredibly fun ride. I imagine ASB&R and more importantly The God Damn Batman as the equivelant of Ash in Evil Dead, Jack in Big Trouble in Little China, or even Rowdy Roddy Piper in They Live. When you look at the series with that bent it is pure genius.

    The question is – is that what was intended?

  4. I remember Jim Lee saying as much a few months ago. I think the main reason why people have been missing the point is because Lee art has being playing the whole thing completely straight (which just adds to the comic’s greatness IMO).

    People really should have finally cottoned on though after the last issue which had Wonder Woman calling men Sperm Banks and a scene in which Supes and WW makeout after declaring their hatred for each other.

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