We speculated the title of the last arc in DC’s five year mission would be Final Crisis, and now with this promo image the company has released it has been confirmed. Take the jump for the whole thing.


Almost all of the Justice League is there, but surprisingly absent is Martian Manhunter.


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  1. David Morgan on

    I’m 37 years old and have lived through this shit before. Watch them sacrifice half of the Justice Society.

  2. Scott Steubing on

    Notice how all just about all the characters shown, except for Batman, have died at one time or another? And Batman had his back broken.

  3. I’m intrigued by the word “legends,” which makes me think of the 80s mini featuring Darkseid. He appeared at the beginning of Countdown, but has not (to my knowledge) reappeared. Seeing how New Gods are immortal, “Legends live forever” makes sense, too. And I feel like that big light in the sky looks a bit like a Boom Tube. So I might be totally over-reaching, but my money is that the Final Crisis involves Darkseid.

  4. im still looking for the time when Dick Grayson takes over the Batman mantle… is this finally the time? is DC willing to let go of Bruce Wayne?

    i just hope whatever they have planned, the Legion of Super-heroes will finally get the spotlight (and maybe reboot) that they really deserve.

    will anybody miss Hawkman if he dies in Final Crisis? didn’t think so.

  5. As far as I know Hawkman isn’t in JLA, but JSA so he’s the odd man out. They are talking of hero’s dying so it doesn’t look good for him. Of the others, who honestly expects they’d kill Batman or Superman, and Wonder Woman is just as unlikely. A Flash just died so unless they brought back Wally West just to kill him I don’t think so. Hal Jordan is also only just getting warmed up after being dead. So best guess from me is Hawkman is getting his wings clipped, after all Hawkgirl is seeing someone on the side. I’m not sure who, was it Red Arrow?.

  6. Woah! Didn’t we JUST get done with the ‘middle’ Crisis? There was 20 years between the first and the second. And now the third, and final, crisis comes just 2 years after that. It’s a little soon if you ask me.

    Well now we know Countdown will lead into the ‘Final’ Crisis. And since each ‘Crisis’ before has had linking characters, Alex Luthor, E-2 Supes, Tom Welling Prime, we know that TMP will have to play a predominate role in the ‘final’ one.

    Also, if heroes dies, but legends live forever, the only legends that can live on are Bats and WW’s, because everyone else’s ‘legacy keepers’ are dead. Meaning Conner and Bart aren’t around to continue the name. Hal doesn’t count cause their are thousands of Lanterns and Hawkman rises like the Phoenix, right. So the only legends that can continue are Bats with Dick and Tim, and Diana’s with Cassie and Donna.

    Unless DC decides to bring back some beloved younger heroes…..

  7. Where’s Captain Marvel? I know that DC doesn’t usually give a sh*t about him, but they never fail to drag him out and prop him up for mega-mega cross-overs. Also, he’s had sort of a renaissance since The Kingdom (though I hate HATE **HATE** the direction they’ve taken with the Trials of Shazam!).

    A couple of observations/questions: 1) Is Wonder Woman’s breastplate the stylized eagle or the simple double “W” that never made any sense post-Crisis? It looks like WW to me, but what that means I don’t know. 2) GL’s lantern logo’s top and bottom are squared off, rather than angular (his post-Parallax look). 3) Superman’s insignia is smaller and more S-like, his cape is relatively short, his build isn’t ridiculous, and I swear his sleeves are pleated!

    Five quatloos says that “Final Crisis” restores the entire pre-Crisis continuity and makes it canonical again. Now give me a yellow circle around Batman’s chest emblem and a yellow tylenol utility belt and I’ll die happy…

  8. Hmmm … Jim says is interesting.

    So, in 2006 Infinite Crisis was a sequel to Crisis On Infinite Earths.
    In 2008 we’re gonna have a sequel to Legends.
    Therefore, in 2010: a sequel to Millenium.
    In 2012: a sequel to … well, either Invasion! or Cosmic Odyssey. Depends on the current demand for Darkseid, I guess.

    Now, that’s what I call recycling.

  9. I work in a comic book store. I’m not saying I know more, I’m just saying I read alot, and I hear alot.

    Bart Allen’s dead. This just doesn’t cut it anymore. With his death, DC’s hopes of ever having a second generation of pantheonic heros is gone. Between an unfair death in the fetal position getting his guts kicked in by his ancestors rougues, and Conner Kent Superboy giving his life in Infinite Crisis, Tim Drake is left alone. Robin has no friends.

    I hear/heard rumblings about that this Final Crisis will prove me wrong and I hope so…

    Grayson’s not cut out to be the Bat. He’s filled a more than necessary niche as Nightwing, and not to spoil things, but the last page of every DC issue about two weeks ago revealed all the cryptic bits of the Countdown teaser poster(then quickly released a new one, only with villians old and new, Luthor in the middle). In this poster, we see Red Robin, a very Batman-esq hero who originally appeared in Kingdom Come(AND IT WAS GRAYSON!), is in fact Jason Todd, the recently returned from the dead second Robin, who got beat to death with a crowbar by The Joker.

    Drake’s the better Bat. When they list the Justice league out, it’s as follows: Superman:Last Son of Krypton, Wonder Woman:Amazon Warrior, Batman:WORLD’S GREATEST DETECTIVE!!! Everyone talks about how much of a badass he is, and how you can’t take Batman and blah blah blah, but no, He is the World’s Greatest Detective. The only Robin who holds a candle to that is Tim Drake. Grayson?: He’s a brawler, an acrobat by trade. Todd?: Found halfway through stealing the rims off the Batmobile. Drake: He figured out is was Bruce Wayne, found the Batcave, broke in, snuck up on Batman, and said “BOO! Can I be Robin?”

    Ok….sorry….anyway. They killed my dreams when they let Bart die in a heap. His grandfather’s sacrafice (technically) saved DC comics. It’s existance would’ve disappeared. Bart saved a TON of people, but died in friggin pain.

    I’m glad they brought Wally back. Actually I’m extatic. I really really really really am. I just want my generation of heros back, that’s all.

  10. oh and, Billy Batson’s The Wizard now, Freddy Freeman(Captain MArvel Junior) is going throught he trials of Shazam, to become the next Captain Marvel. and Mary Marvel is now Black Mary, having had the Shazam powers of Black Adam (now once again Teth-Adam) givin to her freely.

    I love Shazam, and they’re straight up passing the legacy with that one. Even though Freddy was actually older than Billy…I think…

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