Night Thrasher leads the charge against super villains and Tony Stark (aren’t they one in the same at this moment?). But who is Night Thrasher?

Marvel Comics has sent us a sneak peek of New Warriors #3 that arrives in stores August 1.

Pencils by PACO MEDINA
Cover by NIC KLEIN
Rated T+

Although Sofia Mantega, the ex-New Mutant known as Wind Dancer, refused the first offer of New Warriors membership by Beak, perhaps Jubilee’s startling appearance will convince her to reconsider! After nearly dying in Wolverine: Origins, Jubilee hasn’t been seen in some time. Where has she been? How did she meet Night Thrasher? With Jubilee on the scene, you know Wolverine can’t be far behind…and he wants to find out the truth about these new heroes! As secrets are revealed, the team must consider Tony Stark’s amnesty proposal and a police investigation that’ll reveal some shocking secrets about the New Warriors!



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  1. A. I am usually not bothered by comic corpses, but those make me sick and give me the chills.
    B. If you are too jaded to appreciate that acronym for S.H.I.E.L.D, you should just give up now.
    C. I am probably the only one excited about a Juby and Wolvie reunion(I know they did one if origins, but i tend to ignore that entirely.
    D. There doesn’t seem to be a body in that NT outfit. The plot thickens, or he was incinerated.
    E.I hope they keep a black person as the new Thrasher. There just doesn’t seem to be enough good ones out there. Either Clone Thor is blowing a hole in them or Nitro is toasting them.

  2. I hope Beak is the dude with the wings.

    Is anyone else intrigued by their surroundings? Could that mean Arcade is an ally or teammate for these new New Warriors?

  3. Matthew Peterson on

    I was wondering about that myself… It may be a case of taking over his old Murderworld hideout (didn’t he have several of them hidden under New York?)

  4. I know there was one Arcade hideout under New York, it was taken over by X-Force right before Age of Apocalypse happened and then it went ka-blooie in X-Men Prime. Apparently Arcade didn’t like anyone taking over his old digs. But that doesn’t eliminate the possibility of a different Murderworld somewhere else being taken over.

    I also thought that dark winged-dude might be Beak, but skin tone and hair color didn’t match up.

    I also thought it looked like there was no body in the Night thrasher costume on the slab. If the body was incinerated, I don’t think there would be a costume left. Realit TV Thrash might not have been real thrash, which would explain why we never saw Reality TV Thrash without a mask on.

    And I feel really bad for Microbe. Ouchie.

  5. Maximus Rift on

    Okay, I was wrong. Jubilee is Wondra. Though one of the silhouettes looked a lot like her. I think now it might have been the girl with the heat/cold hands in the cover.

  6. For two pages in a row, there’s a panel of at least one person who can’t keep their eyes off of Jubilee’s rack.

  7. Brent, I think they can’t quite fathom the idea that a former Teen Hero could somehow become a young woman. I mean, that’s unheard of in Comics of Today, right?

  8. Matthew Peterson on

    And I feel really bad for Microbe. Ouchie.

    Mark my words, Microbe is gonna be the Elasti-Girl of the New Warriors. (For you youngsters, when The Doom Patrol was killed, only Elasti-Girl stayed dead, though even SHE is back now…)

  9. Here is an interesting thought: Mutants were de factp registered when the Civil War began, but did those mutants registered against without their consent still have their powers? If the New Warriors are in fact current or former mutants who were automatically registered does that mean they are still breaking the law? Could that be a loop hole in Iron Man’s system the New Warriors are exploiting?

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