Apparently it is not a big deal for well-endowed lasses to show their goods on the cover of comics. Heck it seems it isn’t a big deal to have tentacle porn on the cover, but Zarquon save us should we see some guy’s package bulging out at us.

A lot of uncomfortable “Yeah… so…”s floated around the Interweb (and presumably your local shops) when the cover to this month’s JSA was released.


Guess too many people got squeamish over the roll of quarters in the pants, causing the cover to be “modified”.


Is this a big deal (no pun intended)? I personally don’t have a problem with the original cover, because if you are being realistic and insist on dressing like that, something is going to show. I’m sure Matthew will weigh in over his hatred for the Alex Ross covers – especially the one involving the new Tornado.

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  1. Wow. That’s just f***ing ridiculous. Comics covers practically show nipples on women but a realistic and not really revealing crotch bulge is a no-no. Well, I don’t have an overwhelming urge to see Lil’ Steel, but the hypocrisy here is clear. And poor Cmdr. Steel! His image with the ladies will be ruined!

  2. Matthew Peterson on

    Actually, this is one of the Ross covers that I feel worked, as it emphasized the isolation that of Citizen Steel in the story… I’m nothing if not contrary. :)

    As for the visible wang issues, I feel like Kyle Broflovski’s theory works here: “Either it’s all okay, or none of it is.” If Misty and Colleen’s nipples can be always visible, no matter how thick their clothing, if Black Cat and Power Girl can be defined visually by their ‘Romeo and Juliet’-worthy balconies, then there’s no reason why Steel should have needed to call Enzite. Seems like a double standard, to me…

  3. I hate the Ross covers too and pay the extra bucks for the variants. The thing about the Steel cover is that at least it wasn’t Turner trying his hand at an overly large crotch. Since he couldn’t quite get Power Girl’s boobs to come out from her body correctly, if Turner had drawn Steel he probably would depicted that roll of quarters as coming out of Steel’s belly button. Ross’ work may be too static and, well, ugly for my tastes but at least he gets anatomy right.

  4. Either way I don’t think it’s a big deal.

    The only reason I was even drawn to the anatomy in question is because a big deal was made about it. I wouldn’t have even noticed unless it was pointed out to me.

  5. It’s also funny when you consider that Warner Bros. tried two or three different codpieces on Brandon Routh to enhance the idea of an enormous Superwang.

  6. The funny thing is that on a graphic/visual level CS’s costume logo totally points down to his package. All he needs is an arrow at the bottom of the silver & blue stripe to say “here the goods!”

  7. Regardless of the cover controversy, I still think liquid metal Nazi blood has replaced the radioactive spider as the best super power origin ever.

  8. sheesh who cares if it looks like he is carrying his money for the laundry in his pants , I think it is hilarious that they gave him a roll of dimes to repair the damage that the quarters did to young minds maybe they should shrink down ol’ Power Girls Breasts on down to a more reasonable e cup

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