Major Spoilers Week in Review



It was a pretty awesome week here at Major Spoilers as we celebrated our first birthday, got to see transformers, had the pleasure in reading a lot of comics.

Sunday: See where Stephen’s passion for comics began with the Retro Review of World’s Finest #271, and Matthew checks in with another installment of Major Spoilers Hero History, this time checking out Dream Girl.
Monday: Supergirl is elected leader, and the Transformers get the greeen light for a sequel even amongst controversy.
Tuesday: It’s all about the big tour, as readers get their first look at Major Spoilers HQ. Did I mention we had a Birthday?
Wednesday: It’s all about the red, white, and blue, and that can only mean Team America – F**k Yeah! Readers also got a look at Majors Spoilers East
Thursday: Readers wanted Iron Fist, and of course we respond.
Friday: Apparently Bart Simpson gets nekkid in the new movie, Lex gets ketchup all over his retro suit, and we say goodbye to a fallen hero.