New Line Options Conan


conananimated.gifWhen Warner Bros. dropped the ball and lost the rights to the Conan film franchise, New Line stepped up to score the rights to Robert E. Howard’s creation.

After posting a bid of mid-six against seven figures for an 18-month option with one extension, the studio entered into negotiations after CAA staged an auction for rights holder Paradox Entertainment. The property drew the interest of several studios and monied producers including Hollywood Gang’s Gianni Nunnari and Millennium Films.

Warner had been developing the movie for some time with everyone from the Wachowski’s to Robert Rodriquez making the adaptation.

Even though there have been at least three Conan films produced (Conan, Conan the Destroyer,and Red Sonja) none have come close to the spirit of the original Howard novels. Warner was working on this when its option deadline expired.

via Variety