Arcana Comics’ Kade: Sun of Perdition #4 made its way to comic shops last Wednesday and there have been quite a few angry emails from long time fans…

Kade confronted the Beast from the Abyss and managed to scribe his true name into his flesh..but before the Beast burst into flames he killed Ezra…Ezra1A.jpg

Originally appearing in the first issue of Arcana’s debut title, Kade, Ezra instantly became the company’s most popular character. Created by Sean O’Reilly, Ezra has spawned two of her own mini-series, a team-up with 10th Muse and her very own model search contest! With a past shrouded in intrigue and circumstance, Ezra soon realized that as a Child of the Black Sun she was the key to the Kingdom of Heaven and the chain to the Abyss of Hell. In Kade: Sun of Perdition #4, Arcana sadly announces their fallen daughter with the Death of Ezra.

Kade: Sun of Perdition #4 is written by Sean O’Reilly with artwork by Stjepan (Darkness Wolverin, Witchblade) Sejic with a cover price of $3.95. Be sure to look out for the variant by Ashley (Hellspawn, Metal Gear Solid) Wood.

To commemorate this historic “End of An Era” issue, Arcana is releasing a box set collecting every single issue of Ezra over the last three years for only $16.95 USD ($19.95 CDN) . Inside this box set will also include a limited edition poster by Caanan White.

As well Greg Horn was the first artist to draw Ezra, and it looks like he’ll be the last. Greg Horn has come back to do a commemorative cover for the special 25 cent issue of Kade: Shiva’s Sun #0 available in this month’s Previews.



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