Now that the Hulk is back and he’s smashing his way through Marvel U, the big question is, “Who can bring down the green goliath?” It looks like it is up to the Gamma Corps!, and Marvel has sent us a sneak peek.

World War Hulk Assistant Editor Nate Cosby said of the series, “So Hulk’s back and he’s MAAAAAAAAD (you might’ve heard’a something called WORLD WAR HULK). And NOBODY can stop him. Iron Man, She-Hulk, Ares, the Fantastic Four, Black Bolt…they ain’t nothin’. Who you gonna get to take out Mean Green? How ’bout a team full of genetically-enhanced soldiers that ALL have personal agendas against the Hulk!?!?!?”

Written by FRANK TIERI

The Incredible Hulk has declared war on those who exiled him to space, destroying anyone in his path, but there may be one force who can stop him—The Gamma Corps! In World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #1 (of 4), writer Frank Tieri and artist Carlos Ferreira introduce the one team that has been trained and prepared for a day such as this, a day when the Hulk would return to smash with a vengeance! Formed by the enigmatic General Ryker, and utilizing the DNA of the Hulk, Doc Samson, the Leader, the Abomination, and the Harpy, these soldiers of the Gamma Corps have been augmented with powers similar to those of the gamma irradiated generation that sired them! Each fueled by their own individual hate for the Hulk, the Gamma Corps soldiers have charged themselves with ending the Hulk’s invasion…but who are these soldiers, and how long has the government been hiding them?


Gamma Corp #1 goes on sale July 11, 2007 for $2.99.


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  1. This looks awful. That guy with the thin mustache and the soul patch has no business being gamma irradiated. Open question to the guy with the leader forehead: Do you have another set of eyes up there? Why do you need two pair of goggles?

  2. Gamma-irradiated-cannon-fodder, straight from the cheapest cloning vats of H.A.T.E.

    They won’t survive WWH.

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