From the pages of Superman #663 comes this wonderful panel of the Oblivion Bar. Everyone sing with me –

“Sometimes you wanna go,
where everybody knows your naaaammmee!

Dum dum dum dum!

And they’re always glad you came!

Dum dum dum dum!”


So looks like angels do drink (Zauriel), Dawn has a chat with her late husband Manitou Raven, the Ghost Patrol kick back to regale each other with tales of adventure, Witchfire gets the ol’ pickup line from Fake Arion, while Traci Thirteen looks on. And hey, isn’t that Princess Amethyst chatting with the bartender?

Bless you Bill Willingham for creating the Oblivion Bar. It is the closest thing we have to Doyle’s bar from the brilliant Willingham, Finn, Sturges, and Roberson shared world anthology Clockwork Storybook.


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  1. Matthew Peterson on

    See, I would have said Spider Robinson’s “Callahan’s Place…” But that’s probably for a good reason. :)

  2. Matthew Peterson on

    How do you know Zauriel isn’t drinking root beer?

    I was thinking probably semi-fermented milk and honey…

  3. Matthew Peterson on

    Wide shot of bar, activity all around. Enter BLUE DEVIL, stage left:

    ALL: “DANNY!”

    FLIPPY THE BARTENDER: “How’s the world treatin’ ya, Mr. Cassidy?”

    BLUE DEVIL: “I feel like I’ve been drunk, Flippy…”

    NIGHTSHADE: “What’s wrong with bein’ drunk?”

    BLUE DEVIL: “Ask a glass of water…”

    In tonight’s episode, suave Nightmaster finally gives in to temptation with the snooty Enchantress, and Fonzie is seen strapping on his skis…

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