Way back in the day, the one writer who made me a huge fan of everything Flash was Mark Waid. He had a super run (pun intended) on the series, and today DC announced Waid would be returning to Flash this fall.

But wait, that’s not all! Flash: The Fastest Man Alive will be ending with issue #13, and the new series will pick up with Flash #231 written by Waid, with penciler Daniel Acuna. This September we’ll also get a one shot called All Flash #1 with a slew of artists.

But what Flash will Waid be writing about? What will happen in next week’s Flash #13?

In an interview with Newsarama, Waid said, “Yeah. Those who pick up the last issue of Flash: The Fastest Man Alive next week will get a big part of it there, and those who pick up the end of the Justice League/Justice Society team-up the same day, when it ships, will get another gigantic part of the puzzle right there too. And then we just continue the momentum from there. We talked about a million ways to go with it, but this is going to be huge. It’s really, truly huge.”

Ooo! Ooo! If you read that in the right frame of mind with everything else we’ve been talking about on this little site of ours, it does look like we may be seeing the return of Barry Allen next week!  Remember, as someone pointed out, Wally West technically isn’t dead.

Welcome back Mark! You were really missed on this series.

Wanting to maintain our embargo on the cover information (even though it has been posted on another site), I’ll just say this “Stay tuned for the complete DC rundown on Monday, which will feature the full cover image and the solicitation info as well.”

via Newsarama


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  1. I was going to say something corny like “Justice like Lighting!” but instead I just couldn’t be happier that Mark Waid is back. Like Stephen he made me a huge Flash fan and of the DC speedsters in general. Waid flushed all these great characters that had been in the DCU background and made them revelent to their world. He took Quicksliver aka Max Mercury from someone I read a single Who’s Who’s page about wondering who he was and created a wonderful background that made you really interested in the character. He made Jay Garrick this grandfather character who you respected(I hated his Helmet now I wish I could own one!). The Quick family of Johnny and Jessie were made into their own great legacy of speedsters. Most importantly was who Wally West was before Waid wrote him. When I read the early issues of Wally West he wasn’t all that great of guy. Wally was jerk out for himself who in my opinion was only being a hero so only to live up to Barry Allen’s legacy. Waid took Wally from being that guy to a truly great hero who I thought of as (Barry Allen fans forgive me) the greatest Flash ever! Now do not think I am trashing Barry! Far from it he made Iris and the Allen family legacy return to the forefront or more specifically Bart Allen. I cannot wait to see what Waid brings to the Flash once again. Heck I might actually buy the issues instead reading this really great website without any major spoilers ;)

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