Marvel Sneak Peek: The Hood Premiere HC



If I saw a mysterious glowing hat on the ground, I probably wouldn’t pick it up, let alone put it on. But strange things are afoot at the Circle-K…er, the Marvel Universe. Marvel Comics has collected the six-issue mini-series The Hood by Brian K. Vaughan that tells the tale of what happens normal everyday Parker Robbins puts on strange clothing.

Written by BRIAN K. VAUGHN
Penciled by KYLE HOTZ
Cover by KYLE HOTZ

Finding mysterious mystical apparel, Robbins decides that organized crime is too small time for him and has his sights on even bigger profits! With this newfound power, it’s time for Parker Robbins to be reborn as the Hood & become a full fledged super-villain! And with a pregnant girlfriend, a difficult mistress and an ailing mother, the Hood will cross every line to make sure he gets what he deserves!

Making its hardcover debut, The Hood Premiere HC will also feature bonus sketches, taking you behind the scenes of this acclaimed series for the first time. With his upcoming major appearance in the runaway hit New Avengers, now is the time to get onboard with the rising star of the Marvel Universe’s criminal world! Please note that The Hood Premiere HC contains explicit content and may not be suitable for all audiences. This summer, the Parker Robbins rises to power and The Hood Premiere HC is the only place to find out how it all began!


The Hood Premiere Hardcover arrives July 18, for $19.99.