In August, Oni Press will release its lates prose work by Jamie S. Rich called Have You Seen the Horizon Lately? This is the third prose work released from Oni Press including The Everlasting and I was Someone Dead, the latest offering is a loot at interpersonal relationships in a world where entertainment and technology push us farther and farther apart.

For this story, Rich looks at the effects the life of fame can have on an artist. Seven years prior, writer Percival Mendelssohn disappeared from public life under the shroud of scandal. His philosophical works spoke to the heart of a generation, but the bright lights of his popularity blinded him to the heart of his one true love. When his wife Iris took her own life, Percy decided for all intents and purposes to end his. HAVE YOU SEEN THE HORIZON LATELY? begins when one of his young fans travels to Beijing, following a lead that her own literary guru may be hiding out there. Julia Jimenez has never traveled so far from home, has never been so daring, so though the man she finds denies being who she believes him to be, she refuses to take no for an answer.

What follows is a novel about two people who fall in love while sifting through the stories of their past and the books that inspired them. “As with Jamie’s previous work, the story in the book is as important as how it is told,” commented Oni Press editor in chief James Lucas Jones, “as well as the stories we tell each other, the way we communicate through pop culture references and the things that happened in our past. It’s those tales that Julia and Percy use as barriers to protect themselves from their feelings, and those barriers have to come down in order for them to experience real love.”

Have You Seen the Horizon Lately? ships in August 2007 for $19.95. The 360 page novel features cover art by Russ Manning and Joelle Jones.



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