Readers of House of M and all X-Men stories after that know there hasn’t been a mutant birth in quite a while, putting all mutants on the endangered species list. In June the X-Men Endangered Species One-Shot hits stands where another mutant dies (I think it is Storm) lowering the mutant population by one.

Marvel has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of the issue that ties into all of the other X-Men titles including this fall’s major X-Men event.

Written by MIKE CAREY
Pencils by SCOT EATON

“This is an elegy – and a story where, for once, action gets put on the back burner” said Carey. “We’re looking at a different kind of courage here, and a different kind of crisis. Everything over the past year has built towards this point. This is like the prelude to a symphony. And the symphony is going to have cannons in it, but the prelude is in a different key altogether.”

This self-contained, double-sized one-shot provides the perfect jumping-on point for fans new and old, defining the current status of the X-Men and thrusting forward into a bold new direction for all of Marvel’s mutants!



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  1. Maximus Rift on

    If it is Storm, then Joe Q and BMB have earned themselves a seat right next to Todd MacFarlane and George Lucas in the “people who have f*($ it for me” room in my heart. I really hope it’s someone else. Cable, Iceman, Shadowcat, Canonball, anyone but Storm. I realy liked it that she got maried and her dynamic with Black Panther is great. She’s easily one of the best female superheros right now.

    But knowing how Joe Q feels about married superheroes in comics, I wouldn’t put it past him. Where’s the “SUPERBOY PUNCH!” when you need it.

  2. nikolah breliere on

    I don’t think it will be Storm because they’re loads of other X-men ‘s tombstones in the background and i dont think they’re willing to mass murder their franchise !!
    me think it might b Cannonball who’ll bite the dust considering the people present at the funeral,i mean blonde kids,which x-men(women got blobde kids in their family or entourage !!
    Safe to say Scott,Emma,Hank, Charles & Kurt aren’t the victims ..DUH (to myself)
    Cool website btw !!all the way from Europe !!

  3. Perhaps it would be Angel/Warren Worthington? The death seems to hit Charles hard and there is that panel of his original students. Angel is prominent enough that his death would be a somewhat big event, yet not too popular that fans would really protest. Perhaps the family in the top right panel are Husk’s family and they are coming to support her, as she was his girlfriend.

    My hesitation would be that Angel hasn’t been in much lately and there’s a scene of Wolverine is leaning against the tombstone and there was never any special connection between him and Angel.

  4. nikolah breliere on

    CANNONBALL ‘s funeral !!blonde girl with shades holding a blonde kid =Paige Guthrie(Husk)with one of her sister; and old lady holding two blonde kids = Ms Guthrie and Guthrie twins…
    being quite clueless religion-wise,a female priest means it’s not a catholic funeral and i think (not sure though)the guthries are protestant…

  5. Matthew Peterson on

    Well, there’s one issue that I have that makes me think something is up…

    The headstone in the Wolverine shot (cover?) reads “Monroe.” I thought that Ororo’s name was spelled “Munroe?” Given the predilictions of the X-Men to give us the bait & switch, I predict that scene is either non-representational of the comics, or a big swerve.

    I think Salieri has it on the nose… We’re probably looking at the death of someone like Marrow, Mimic, Stacy X, or Husk. A mutant whose loss will move the X-Men, but won’t affect Marvel’s merchandising bottom line.

  6. I always though there was a “U” in Storm’s last name too. Maybe the cover artist decided to Google or Wiki it instead of going to an official source (ex: http://www.marveldatabase.com/Storm_(Ororo_Munroe) )

    Angel’s already “died” before. Cannonball’s “died” before. Then again, I think ALL X-Men have been declared dead at one point or another.

    Personally, I’d off X-23, who is just so uninteresting to me. If I was EIC at Marvel, she’d be one of my first targets for a “heroic ending.” Some fans like her, but…feh. I see her as a lame Wolverclone version of Cassandra Cain, and I don’t care much for CC either (well, maybe a little.)

  7. The page with Wolvie leaning on the tombstone is non-representational. Wolvie has gray hair and Bishop, Summers, McCoy and Pryde are listed on the tombstones. And unless they’re planning to kill off Storm, her tombstone is dead center in that panel with her first name at the bottom.

  8. Storm is not going to be killed off any time soon. She is in the Fantastic Four right now and will be in the next few months. (If You don’t believe hop over to marvel.com and check out fantastic four issue number 549 and uncanny x-men 489 in the month of august….which takes place after the endangered species one shot.) I think that the whole Wolverine (which looks older) is kind of a days of future past deal. Something that could happen but obviously won’t….at least in current continuity. The thing that I wonder is why marvel has so been keen on killing characters. It used to mean something….but recently characters die so often that it’s almost expected and not so shocking. There’s so much better storytelling tools to use then killing off another X-Man…..

  9. Matthew Peterson on

    The thing that I wonder is why marvel has so been keen on killing characters. It used to mean something….but recently characters die so often that it’s almost expected and not so shocking. There’s so much better storytelling tools to use then killing off another X-Man…..

    Marvel doesn’t care about good storytelling, they care about one-upping the last big event.

  10. I have no idea who it’ll be… i wonder if it might be angel or iceman because of the shot with xavier and the original x-men. i don’t really think it’ll be iceman though because he offers at least a little comic relief occaisionally. maybe it is angel…? i suppose if they did kill off angel they could do the same thing they did with psylocke: kill them off, then bring them back for a rather confusing random reason and make them a prominent character again. i wish.

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