Well everybody, I was super busy yesterday trying to get my house in order for a big sale, which was followed up immediately by a storm that promptly wrecked said house. This put me quite a bit behind as I scrambled to find some news of interest for you, dear reader, and I failed to get to Marvel’s daily deluge of sneak peeks. So gathered in one giant post I bring you Treasure Island, Cable and Deadpool, the final chapter of the Hulk in space saga, and a bunch of covers from upcoming Silver Surfer tie-in books.


Marvel Illustrated Treasure Island
As a kid I hated reading the Robert Louis Stevenson prose novel, and longed for the time when I could have read it in comic form. Cliff Notes aside, it looks like Marvel’s telling of the adventures of young Jim Hawkins will give you enough information to pass that literature exam, but since the the story is told in a six issue mini-series, better hope Treasure Island is on your Spring 2008 reading list.

Penciled by MARIO GULLY


Marvel Illustrated: Treasure Island #1 arrives June 13 for $2.99.

Cable & Deadpool #41 and #42
Apparently there is something big goings on over in X-Men, after issue #200 hits, mutants are going to be an endangered species, and it looks like Cable and Deadpool play a big role in the event.

CABLE & DEADPOOL #41 and #42
Written by Fabian Nicieza
Penciled by Reilly Brown
Cover by Skott Young

Features the X-Men and shows the events leading up to X-Men #200 from Cable’s unique perspective. Just how have these events changed him? And what happens when Cable comes face to face with Deadpool once more? It’s a story so big that we need two issues in June to tell it all!


Issue #41 arrives June 13, while issue #42 hits stores June 26. Each issue sells for $2.99.

She Hulk #18
This issue concludes the Planet Without a Hulk storyline and finds the sexy green lawyer questioning Tony Stark about the disappearance of her cousin.

Written by DAN SLOTT
Cover by GREG HORN
As an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D and a registered super-hero, Jen Walters serves under Tony Stark, but his actions against the Hulk have made her mad. And like any other green blooded Hulk family member (okay, the only other green blooded Hulk family member) you do not want to see her angry. She can be hard to handle when she’s green.

Writer Dan Slott, artist Rick Burchett, and cover artist Greg Horn bring you the undercard match of the year. Jen “the Savage She-Hulk” Walters vs. Tony “the Invincible Iron Man” Stark! And hey, if She-Hulk can’t take Iron Man down, her cousin is up next!

Unfortunately for Iron Man and the rest of the Illuminati, the Hulk isn’t as far away as they would like. As a matter of fact…he’s very close to home. Pick up She-Hulk # 18, as the Marvel Universe moves one step closer to the Hulk’s return. Retailers are advised to check their orders on this issue as it directly ties in to the upcoming World War Hulk event.


Oops – a little late on this one, She Hulk #18 hits stores May 23 (today for most of you) for $2.99.

Silver Surfer Covers
You may have heard of a little movie called Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer hitting movie theatres across the nation this summer. Since the Silver Surfer plays a pretty big part in the flick, it’s probably a good idea to roll out as many tie in events as you possibly can.

Marvel will be releasing several Silver Surfer issues over the next couple of months starting with:

In Silver Surfer: Requiem #1 (of 4), the titular hero returns to Earth to consult with his old friends—the Fantastic Four—about something that just might mean the end of his life. Journeying the entire galaxy, and the vast depths of his own soul, the Surfer must come to terms with his own life and the choices he’s made, in this poignant Marvel Knights limited series from acclaimed author scribe J. Michael Straczynski (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, Babylon 5), with breathtaking painted art by Esad Ribic (HOUSE OF M, LOKI). For a man who’s seemingly seen it all, how will he react when death stares him in the face?


Even though the Ultimate Fantastic Four have already met Galactus, they haven’t met the Silver Surfer until now.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #42 begins an all new storyline, a perfect jumping on point for new readers, as Reed Richards tries to solve the mystery of the Cosmic Cube, actions that warrant the attention of a certain surfboard riding superhero! But just who is the Ultimate Silver Surfer and what are his intentions? Surfer fans will thrill to the Ultimate Galactus Trilogy HC, collecting the trilogy that brought us a bold new interpretation of the classic villain and set the stage for Ultimate Silver Surfer’s debut!



And finally, if you are old school Marvel has a collection of Silver Surfer tales to make you weep for the old days of platform shoes and men with perms.

Readers new and old won’t want to miss Marvel Spotlight: Fantastic Four And Silver Surfer, going behind the story of these five classic Marvel Characters. From interviews with the multitude of creators who’ve contributed to the development of these characters, to previews of what’s next, there’s something for everyone in this jam packed special look at some of the most enduring superheroes in history!

And if you want to see where it all began, then you have to pick up Silver Surfer Omnibus Vol.1 HC, the oversized hardcover collection collecting the Surfer’s earliest adventures in his own solo series! Don’t forget to check out Essential Silver Surfer Vol.2 TPB, the black & white softcover collection that’s also packed full of early Silver Surfer tales. Then in Silver Surfer: Rebirth Of Thanos TPB, the Surfer and his cosmic allies must team together to stop Thanos in the story that led up to the classic Infinity Gauntlet series!



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  1. I don’t see the point in releasing these Marvel Illustrated versions of classic literature in single monthly issues.

  2. Because Marvel does not want to admit that graphic novels are a viable fromat. Single issues then collected editions are the Marvel way.

    When was the last time Marvel released a graphic novel?

  3. Matthew Peterson on

    I don’t see the point in releasing these Marvel Illustrated versions of classic literature in single monthly issues.

    I doubt that Marvel’s readers will either…

  4. Matthew Peterson on

    When was the last time Marvel released a graphic novel?

    Umm… I honestly can’t remember. They pretty much break up graphic novels into 6 issue limited series format anymore…

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