Apparently the discussion surrounding the hackability (for lack of a better word) of the Harvey Dent campaign website we posted earlier this week has been proven hackable and it looks like the Joker is behind it all.

Take a peek at and see what that clown prince of crime has done to the site.


OR if you are daring enough, enter your email address and the code to have the image strip away pixel by pixel to reveal a shocking surprise.

Or you could just take the jump and see the results for yourself. (Personally, I’d take the jump – it’s well worth it)


In the words of Scott Johnson “Holy Freakin’ Crap!” If that really is Heath Ledger, then I’m really liking this version of the Joker. Look at those awful scars on his face – the look just screams “psychopathic loony!”


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  1. What I love most is, despite the clown makeup, he has the sort of compassionate/threatening-to-others-look that accompanies the thought: ‘You are a miserable, digusting creature. Why? Because I’m about to kill you.’

    If you do the E-Mail, you get a message from, entitled ‘defacing public servants’:

    “I always say, you never know what a man is truly made of until you peel the skin off his face one piece at a time. Here is your chance to help:”

    Followed by a link to a modified site in which you can post some enclosed coordinates. Reply to the Message, and you get THIS, even CREEPIER message:

    “People always ask me about my charming boyish smile. Jessica used to love it. She was the loneliest girl in high school, and my first big kiss…”

    I can hear Ledger’s American Accent already…

  2. He has a Glasgow Smile, which means someone cut his face from the edges of his mouth to his ears. It’s very reminiscent of Ichi the Killer’s appearance. I’m digging this new creepy look for the Joker, it makes him look very sinister. Ledger’s stated his performance is inspired by Alex from A Clockwork Orange.

  3. It just got more hardcore. If you go to the site, it says “Page Not Found.” However, if you click and highlight ALL of the text on the page, you get quite a different message.

    Nope. I ain’t sleeping. No sir. Can’t sleep. Clowns will kill me.

  4. If you highlight it all the page that says Error, if you high light all the “Ha”s you get a secret message
    That states “See you In December”

    Firefox Users press Ctrl+F : Type “Ha” Highlight is all then manually highlight to see the remnants so that the letters will appear highlighted white rather than the standard blue or grey.

  5. and is already registered ;) is reporting 42 Entertainment is behind the campaign. Waiting for confirmation now…

    Although it is interesting to note is still available – for about the next 10 minutes…

    Then there are those who insist the joker page is a fake. What are your thoughts?

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