First Look: First Born Cover



For Top Cow this summer will be a busy one with the birth of Sara Pezzini’s baby. The company is celebrating issue #1 with a special triple gatefold panoramic cover featuring the forces of Light, Dark, and The Balance, along with the supporting players.

More info and the cover after the jump.

Erupting from the events of the ongoing Witchblade series, writer Ron Marz (Ion, Samurai: Heaven and Earth) finally reveals to fans the secrets behind Sara Pezzini’s unexpected pregnancy. Pezzini first realized she was with child in the landmark Witchblade #100, but until now the nature of her pregnancy and the identity of the father have remained a mystery. At the start of First Born #1, Pezzini is on leave from the NYPD and no longer in possession of the mystical Witchblade. Unknown to her, epic events are unfolding around her. Agents of the Angelus are seeking a new host, but first they want mob boss and bearer of The Darkness, Jackie Estacado out of the way… permanently. The cold war between the forces of Light and Dark is heating up and Sara will be caught in the middle. Plus the stunning circumstances surrounding Sara’s mysterious conception will be unveiled!


You can get an even larger image here.

First Born #1 will sell for $2.99.