Rotten Tomatoes has released its best and worst lists for comic book movie adaptations for 2007. There are 94 films in the list. The best? Spider-Man 2. The worst? Son of the Mask. Well duh…

Take the jump for the Top 10 Best, then visit the Rotten Tomatoes site for the rest.

2007 Best Reviewed Comic Book Movies

  1. “Spider-Man 2”
  2. “American Splendor”
  3. “Ghost World”
  4. “Spider-Man”
  5. “X2: X-Men United”
  6. “A History of Violence”
  7. “Men in Black”
  8. “Batman Begins”
  9. “Superman: The Movie”
  10. “Metropolis”

Rotten Tomatoes used a weighted system that factored both Tomatometer™ ratings and the actual number of reviews, ensuring that older movies with fewer reviews were not be given higher standing. The Tomatometer is a tool that measures the percentage of favorable print, broadcast, radio, and online reviews from accredited film critics across the nation to rank movies as “Fresh” (60% or above) or “Rotten” (below 60%). Films with fewer than twenty reviews were excluded so that every movie on the list would have some level of critical weight behind it.

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  1. Wow, that website has lost all credibility with me whatsoever (as if they had any before.) Those rankings are absolutely terrible. Where is 300? And no way should Spiderman 2 be #1. I love the Spiderman flicks but Spiderman 2 didn’t do it for me.

  2. There are movies on that are on the list that just don’t belong. Where is the source material for Over The Hedge? I can’t quite remember ever having that on my pull list. How is it that 300 is rated at #34 when CGI animals make it in at 20? That’s just plain ridiculous. The nature of these “Best Of” lists are to be controversial, but not to this extent. There are great comic book genre films (Spider-Man 2) and atrocious ones (Catwoman).

    Again, they are films that were considered groundbreaking i.e. Batman (1989) for a time but don’t necessarily hold up. To loosely quote Kevin Smith, it is evident that Burton never read a comic book when making that movie. Why did we need all of that back story on Jack Napier? Whose story were we supposed to follow? Why did they kill the Joker? So many questions that will never be answered … anyway Batman Begins is by far the most honest look we’ve had at the Caped Crusader in cinema.

    The only reason that this list is even marginally credible due to the fact that Flash Gordon got the #25.

  3. Matthew Peterson on

    Their definition of comics obviously includes comic STRIPS, of which ‘Over The Hedge’ is one.

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