ELR Nerdtacular Spider-Man III Event Update!


Saturday was a busy weekend for comic fans. First it was Free Comic Book Day, then there was that whole Planet ComiCon dealie, but the big event had to be the Extra Life Nerdtacular Spider-Man III event sponsored in part by Major Spoilers.


Scott Johnson (above center) rented out some theatre space with over 90 fans showing up for this free showing. There he tossed out free comic books, T-shirts, and other spidey related freebies.


You can listen to a very exhausted Scott and wife discuss the event here.

I will have other updates on the site, including video of the event, but this is a great way to get out the info quick. And a fine diary entry in it’s own right. HUGE thanks again to MajorSpoilers and Beyondninja.com for co-sponsoring the event. Can’t thank those guys enough!!

We should have more photos and a review of Spidey 3 from the man himself as soon as he catches up on his sleep, and check back often as there will be another Nerdtacular event next year, this time featuring a movie from the DC universe.  I gotta tell you, you are witnessing the beginning of something HUGE!  Each year this continues, it will only increase in size.


Scott’s son (above) is completely tuckered out after the day’s events.

via ELR