How do you continue a series with the title character is dead? The Death of a Dream storyline continues in Captain America #26, and Major Spoilers has a sneak peek.

Written by Ed Brubaker
Pencils by Steve Epting & Mike Perkins
Cover by Steve Epting

With Captain America dead, there are major repercussions for Winter Soldier (once known as Bucky, Cap’s sidekick), Sharon Carter, The Falcon and the rest of Cap’s allies. Unfortunately for them, Red Skull and his comrades aren’t sitting idly by…but what is their endgame?


Captain America #26 goes on sale May 23, 2007 for $2.99.


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  1. Matthew Peterson on

    That would be Arnim Zola, a former Nazi geneticist who worked for Hitler, then the Red Skull. The product of Jack Kirby’s last run on Cap right after the Bicentennial, Arnim cloned a new body to replace his original tiny withered form. The “camera” is actually an ESP box allowing him to control his genetic creations (like Primus and Doughboy) and also to transfer his consciousness into any of his creations.

    Ominously, he’s a master of cloning, responsible for the conceit that the Red Skull has an army of cloned bodies (some of which are cloned from STEVE ROGERS) into which he can transfer his Red Skull consciousness and cheat death. His presence here troubles me, on a number of levels.

    (Oh, and he doesn’t have a head because it’s a notable weak point of the human body, preferring to display his face on the video screen in his new bodies’ chests.)

  2. Matthew Peterson on

    What I can’t believe is that nobody has thought to team Zola, the guy with NO head…

    …with MODOK, the guy who’s ALL head.

    They could call themselves “Mind Over Matter” and become professional wrestlers. This stuff just writes itself!

  3. So…what’s Zola gonna do? Make a new Super-Soldier? After all, Sinn was near to the body long enough to have taken a DNA sample or two when she did the whole ‘Remember’ thing to sharon.

  4. Matthew Peterson on

    My worry is that somehow Zola’s cloning will undermine the death, or bring back Steven Rogers…

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