The Interwebs is a buzz today over an article posted at Wizard Universe that “claims” David (Batman Begins, but got punted from The Flash) Goyer has sold Warner on the idea of doing a DCU villain movie. But this isn’t some Secret Six retelling, instead it is about Green Arrow. Or at least it has Green Arrow in it for about 10 minutes.

Come on you really want to believe that?

In the online article, Goyer claims Ollie Queen is wrongly accused of a crime, and thrown in a Super Max prison facility full of out of control super heroes and villains that Green Arrow helped put away.

“He’s Green Arrow for the first 10 minutes of the movie, and then he’s arrested and his secret identity is revealed,” says Goyer, who also has plans to do a graphic novel or miniseries that would tie in to the possible film. “They shave his goatee and they take his costume and send him to prison for life, and he has to escape. It’s like ‘Alcatraz,’ and he has to team up with, in some cases, some of the very same villains he is responsible for incarcerating in order to get out and clear his name. Of course, tons of people try to kill him while he’s in there. We’ve populated the prison with all sorts of B and C villains from the DC Universe. For the fans, there will be all sorts of characters the hardcore comic book junkies will know, but they’re all going to be there under their human names and no one is wearing a costume, but there will be a lot of characters with powers and things like that.”

I was really hesitant to post this story because it is so full of holes and “what the f*ck are you thinking moments” that it has to be a hoax. That’s right, I said it, this has to be a hoax. Come on, Green Arrow without his goatee and funky arrows? And who the hell is going to watch a movie about B and C list DCU villains who aren’t even in costume and are using the real names?

Finally, there is no indication of this supposed sccript deal over at Goyer’s MySpace page (where Goyer broke the story of him being booted off Flash), nothing at the IMDB, nor is there any mention of this deal in either Variety or Hollywood Reporter. In fact the only sites that are claiming this is a true story are only citing Wizard, without any second source of confirmation.

So I’m calling bullshit on this whole thing. This might work for a weekly television series that isn’t that good to begin with, but for a movie where the audience would be totally lost on the whole DC tie-in, this would make an awful superhero (or super villain) movie.

Hey Warner, I have a great idea for a superhero movie. It’s about a man from space, who really isn’t from space, because he is born to a small town Nebraska couple. The kid grows up without any super powers at all, yet he must survive. Somehow he gets a job at a newspaper and must cover the events of this big city. What you can do is throw in all these cameos of well known superheroes, but you won’t have to show them in costume or use their superhero names. I call the movie News Boy! (exclamation point included).

That’s gold Jerry, gold!

What do you think readers, am I full of crap, or did Wizard really break a story that no one – NO ONE – else is reporting on?

via Wizard Universe


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  1. Matthew Peterson on

    It sounds like one of those gaslighting ideas where Goyer was talking out his ass, and Wizard figured they’d call it exclusive. Did you ever hear the rumor of “Unlimited Powers?”

  2. Is this like the kind of unlimited power your boss promises you when you start working for his dot-com website cira 2000, but then six months later he’s crawling all over your ass telling you what to do , thus robbing you of any power you actually had, forcing you to walk away a bitter jaded man who eventually starts his own comic book related website that actually ends up surpassing the old bosses websites?

    oh wait – I’m tripping again…

    Please tell the rumor of Unlimited Powers!

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