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  1. FF was compete ass. I went and saw it opening day with my dad, who grew up on Marvel’s First Family and is a veritable FF encyclopedia. I remember watching and just shaking my head … the exposition was far too long and totally neutered Dr. Doom. I do not believe that FF2 will even hold a candle to Spider-Man 3, but from what I am hearing this will be a more action packed and fun ride. I still contend that they casted Reed Richards too young, and they should have either done an Ultimate version or stayed with the classic envisioning …. not a bastardization of the two.

  2. Matthew Peterson on

    That’s the problem with Official Marvel Movie Product (TM & Copyright). They are homogenizing everything to appeal to everyone. Note the use in Spider-Man of a variation on the “Gwen off the bridge” moment, but changed to incorporate the more recognizable Mary Jane, and also to make him successful, because otherwise it’s too much of a downer. The movies work, so long as you don’t expect comic logic, because comic logic naturally creates open-ended stories. Most movies do not, and generally, SHOULD not have that open-endedness.

    If you expect Venom to be just like MacFarlane & Michelinie, or Sandman to be Lee & Ditko’s version, I’m afraid we’ll all just be disappointed. Loving Johnny Blaze as I do, I had to accept that “Ghost Rider” was based visually on the more popular (and merchandizable) Danny Ketch costume in order to enjoy it. Once I got past that dissonance, I enjoyed the movie for what it was: Official Marvel Movie Product, much like Velveeta cheese food product. It ain’t cheese, it ain’t never gon’ be cheese, but that’s only a problem if you’re expecting cheese.

  3. Matthew, that was a great analogy. I too found myself looking at Ghost Rider in that vein … wait Johnny Blaze … with a Ketch costume. Rrrrrriiiiight. However, it was still an enjoyable movie going experience. I understand that for every ticket that they sell, they have to sell at least 10 action figures. I don’t expect this “Official Marvel Movie Product” to follow canon, but I do expect a well put together story for my $9.75.

  4. Matthew Peterson on

    Agreed. Fantastic Four was very unfocused, and the choice to have Doom be so low-key and Malibu was one of the major problems with it… With any luck FF2 will overcome that, though I wonder if they’ll botch either the Silver Surfer or Doom in their haste to do both.

    Anybody know if they’re planning to do the “stolen cosmic power” plotline from FF #57, with the awesome image of Doom on the Surfer’s board?

  5. While using that plot line has been mentioned a few times, I doubt it will be to the letter ir at all. For now, I’m in the “it’s a gonna suck!” camp. If anything FF2 is nothing more than a way to get to FF3 – Galactus.

  6. I used to pay $8.50 per ticket a few years ago when I lived in SoCal, and only $6.50 for matinees. Crappy movies like FF are the reason I don’t go to the theatre that often anymore, and if so, I hit the early show – which here has just jumped to $6.75.

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