Platinum Studios has sent its offering for June 2007. At the top of my list has to be the conclusion to Hero by Night #4, while others may be interested in the ongoing KISS 4K series.

Take the jump for the full list of titles, plus mini-bios on some of the creators.

KISS_2.jpgKISS 4K #2
(W) Ricky Sprague
(A / C) Daniel Campos and Kevin Crossley
(Cov) Rodolfo Migliari

The KISS 4K team, Demon, Starchild, King of All Beasts and Celestial, meet a new ally, Lolita St Étrange and her coven of witches. But are they really allies? And what past do they share with the mysterious Wicked Lester? Plus, learn what the Destroyer cult has planned for the KISS 4K team.

WHO IS…KEVIN CROSSLEY? Painting and multi-media artist Kevin Crossley has never worked in comics prior to KISS 4K! He’s a veteran of the advertising industry now taking the comics world by storm!
MORE: www.PlatinumStudios.com/printpub

Full Color 32 pages $2.99

HBN_4.jpgHero By Night #4 (of 4)
(W / A) D.J. Coffman
(C) Jason Embry

When Jack King dons the Hero By Night costume, he learns that it takes more to be a superhero than a costume and a ring. It takes courage. Jack might save Roz, but is he ready to fight the previous Hero By Night’s arch-nemesis, the Iron Talon? Find out in this stunning conclusion! All it takes is $2.99 and the good taste to pick up this book!

WHO IS…D.J. Coffman? He’s the winner of the 2006 “Comic Book Challenge” put on by Platinum Studios and NBC San Diego! Prior to winning the contest, D.J. had worked on many online comics available at sites such as Kevin Smith’s MoviePoopShoot.com and Cracked Magazine online.

Full Color 32 pages $2.99

The-Weapon-1.jpgThe Weapon #1 (of 4)
(W) Fred Van Lente
(A) Scott koblish
(C) Paul Mounts

Martial arts enthusiast and inventor Tommy Zhou has developed a groundbreaking innovation–wrist bands that create an endless variety of weapons from solid holograms. But an evil order of assassins believes Tommy has stumbled upon the long-lost mystic technique of the Order of Wu-Shi—“the way of the Weapon”–and they’re sending waves of killers after him to steal it back! Action! Fights! Advanced technology! Ancient Chinese legend! They all collide HERE!

WHO IS…SCOTT KOBLISH? Scott is the longtime Marvel Comics inker who’s worked on titles such as X-Men and Incredible Hulk. He’s brought his penciling and inking skills to Platinum for the first time ever!
MORE: www.PlatinumStudios.com/printpub

Full Color 32 pages $2.99

RED-MANTIS.jpgRed Mantis GN
(W / A / C) Martin Pardo and David Morancho

Love is never easy…especially for Lola, the legendary Red Mantis, and world’s deadliest female assassin. When she falls in love with Dennis, an FBI agent, Dennis doesn’t know who she really is…and Lola’s been marked for death by a powerful gangster. Even if they manage to stay alive, can their love survive after Dennis learns the truth?

WHO ARE…MARTIN PARDO AND DAVID MORANCHO? The Spanish team of Pardo and Morancho created Mal Chance: Lola for the European market. This is its first English-language publication!

Full Color 72 pages $12.99


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