Top Cow has released solicitation information and cover images for titles shipping in June. Take the jump for Madame Mirage, Witchblade, and a crossover Marve/Top Cow event.

First_Born_FL.jpgFirst Born First Look
(W) Ron Marz
(A) Stjepan Sejic
(Cov) Stjepan Sejic

The Summer Event of 2007 begins here! Top Cow Productions is proud to present a sneak preview of FIRST BORN, the highly anticipated three issue limited series debuting in July. Buzz has been steadily building for Top Cow’s first comic event in years since it was first announced in Wizard Magazine’s 2007 Preview Issue in January.

Spinning out of the current events in the monthly WITCHBLADE series, regular series writer Ron Marz (ION, SAMURAI: HEAVEN & EARTH) delivers the story that fans have been asking for since the pivotal Witchblade #100 – the birth of Sara Pezzini’s child and the truth behind her mysterious pregnancy! Marz is joined by Croatian painting sensation Stjepan Sejic (THE DARKNESS: LEVEL 1, WITCHBLADE) to deliver the most compelling event of 2007. This First Look introduces new fans to the story leading into FIRST BORN as well as an exclusive early look at the event itself. FIRST BORN is a self-contained fully painted three issue series involving the entirety of the Top Cow Universe. Details of the series have been closely guarded, but one thing is certain… Baby Makes Three.

Full Color 16 pages $0.99

First Born Stjepan Sejic litho
(Art by) Stjepan Sejic

Bring the beautiful painted image from First Born First Look by Top Cow exclusive artist Stjepan Sejic home as a limited edition lithograph of 500 pieces reproduced at the highest quality possible at 11X17 inches! Each lithograph will ship in a clear protective sleeve.

Limited Edition Lithograph $29.99

Top Cow/Marvel: Unholy Union
(W) Ron Marz
(P) Michael Broussard
(Cov) Marc Silvestri

The biggest Top Cow/Marvel crossover yet crashes into stores in June! Bringing together The Darkness and Witchblade along with no less than three Marvel superstars, this crossover is going to bring the house down!

Every mob boss needs a competent lawyer. Jackie Estacado’s hired a great one (even though he does happen to be blind). But even if Jackie can beat the rap, the Spirit of Vengeance is not so easily satisfied. As if a battle royale between The Darkness and Ghost Rider weren’t enough, this special features the incredible Hulk rampaging through New York City, both the current and former bearers of the Witchblade, and even an appearance by the master of the mystic arts, Doctor Strange. A stand-alone story that nevertheless sets the stage for Top Cow’s FIRST BORN event, this is a tale in which all hell breaks loose — literally!

Written by Ron Marz (WITCHBLADE, ION) and drawn by Top Cow’s latest find, Michael Broussard, this is one crossover that demands your attention. Oh, yeah… The book also contains an exclusive preview of FIRST BORN!

Full Color 40 pages $3.99 one-shot

Madame_Mirage_2.jpgMadame Mirage #2
(W) Paul Dini
(A) Kenneth Rocafort
(Cov) Rocafort

Superstar writer Paul Dini (DC COUNTDOWN, LOST) brings a brand new character in Madame Mirage to Top Cow!

Hollywood’s elite have gathered to party the night away at the fabulous Kelly Mansion. But this season’s soiree is going to take a deadly turn when Madame Mirage crashes the party. But will the hunter become the prey when Mirage encounters Mousetrap?

Dini and dynamic new talent, Kenneth Rocafort (HUNTER-KILLER) dive deeper into a unique story of murder, revenge, and deceit. Madame Mirage – you’ll never forget her… if you can make her acquaintance and live to tell the tale…

Full Color 32 pages $2.99 continuing series

Madame Mirage #1 CGC Graded Editions
(W) Paul Dini
(A) Kenneth Rocafort
(Cov) Horn, Rocafort

For the diehard member of the Herd, looking to capture a pristine copy of this inaugural issue of Paul Dini and Top Cow’s newest comic creation for their collection. We present three CGC Graded Editions of MADAME MIRAGE #1 – both the illustrative Greg Horn cover and the sultry Kenneth Rocafort cover graded at 9.8 or higher and the Horn cover signed by creator and writer, Paul Dini!

Greg Horn Cover CGC Graded 9.8 – $69.99
Kenneth Rocafort Cover CGC Graded 9.8 – $69.99
Greg Horn Cover CGC Graded 9.6 Signed – $89.99

WB_109.jpgWitchblade #109
(W) Ron Marz
(A) Adriana Melo
(C) Annette Kwok
(Cov) Chris Bachalo

Dani Baptiste faces her deadliest test to date as Celestine brings her full madness to bear on the newest wielder of the Witchblade. Dani will need the full power of the Witchblade in order to survive… but can she control it once she unleashes it? Meanwhile, the birth of Sara Pezzini’s baby draws ever closer, as the story hurtles toward the summer’s epic FIRST BORN crossover event.

Full Color 32 pages $2.99 continuing series

WBManga_5.jpgWitchblade Takeru Manga #5
(W) Yasuko Kobayashi
(A) Kazasa Sumita
(C) Blond
(Cov) Sumita, Mack

Top Cow Productions and Bandai Entertainment proudly present a wholly unique interpretation of the WITCHBLADE mythos in this authentic manga. The battle between the demon Kira and Takeru is on! Will Kou be an asset or a liability in this fight? And how much control will Takeru have to give over to the Witchblade in order to survive? In the final analysis, will the price of victory be too high? Originally serialized in Japan’s popular magazine, CHAMPION RED and written by WITCHBLADE ANIME head writer, Yasuko Kobayashi, this uniquely Japanese tale is collected for the first time in standard comic format and in glorious full color. This issue also features a breathtaking alternate cover by artist David Mack (KABUKI: ALCHEMY, DAREDEVIL).

Cover A) Kazasa Sumita
Cover B) David Mack

Full Color 32 pages $2.99 continuing series

Witchblade Takeru Manga #1 CGC Graded Editions
(W) Yasuko Kobayashi
(A) Kazasa Sumita
(C) Blond
(Cov) Sumita, GONZO, Gossett

For the diehard member of the Herd, looking to capture a pristine copy of this inaugural issue of Top Cow’s ground breaking manga event for their collection. We present three CGC Graded Editions of WITCHBLADE TAKERU MANGA #1 – all three covers by original series artist Kazasa Sumita, the anime cover by Studio GONZO, and the interpretation by Christian Gossett (THE RED STAR)!

Kazasa Sumita Cover CGC Graded 9.8 – $69.99
Studio GONZO Cover CGC Graded 9.8 – $69.99
Christian Gossett Cover CGC Graded 9.8 – $69.99

City_Heroes_20.jpgCity of Heroes #20
(W) Sean Fish & Matt Miller
(P) Jon Landry
(C) Blond
(Cov) David Nakayama

Positron discovers a terrible threat from the Rikti. And a long forgotten, powerful hero has returned, but who’s side is the hero on? What are the true motives and goals of the group known as Vanguard? The CITY OF HEROES comic comes to a dramatic conclusion written by Sean “Manticore” Fish and Matt “Positron” Miller with pencils by dynamic newcomer Jon Landry. This issue sets the stage for in game events for the coming year!

Full Color 32 pages $2.99

CGTPB_cover_for_ads.jpgCommon Grounds Trade Paperback (New Printing)
(W) Troy Hickman
(P) Various
(Cov) Rodolfo Migliari

You’ve read the 5-star reviews-now read the book! Writer Troy Hickman (CITY OF HEROES) welcomes you to Common Grounds, a chain of doughnut and coffee shops where both heroes and villains kick back in their off-hours. Hickman delivers a total of 13 tales of triumph and tragedy putting a true-to-life view on the arch types. The stories are lavishly illustrated by a galaxy of star artists including George Perez (BRAVE & BOLD, JLA/AVENGERS), Sam Keith (THE MAXX, WOLVERINE/HULK), Dan Jurgens (52, THOR), and Chris Bachalo (X-MEN, ULTIMATE X-MEN)!

“A fabulous book filled with stories of side-splitting humor and deep sadness…” – Tim Janson, Amazon Top 50 Reviewer

Full Color 144 pages $14.99 trade paperback

The Darkness Volume 6 Depths of Hell Trade Paperback
(W) David Lapham, David Wohl
(P) Brian Denham, Various
(Cov) Dale Keown

This latest volume collects the first foray from STRAY BULLETS mastermind David Lapham (DETECTIVE COMICS) as Jackie travels to Sin City for “Hell House” joined by Brian Denham (IRON MAN: HYPERVELOCITY). Then, THE DARKNESS co-creator David Wohl takes the reigns to tell a tale of the age old battle between light and dark, as the Angelus comes to town! Did we mention the Magdalena wants in on that action as well?

Collecting THE DARKNESS volume 2 issues #17-#24 plus the fully painted special THE DARKNESS: BLACK SAILS this trade paperback collection delivers new tales of The Darkness from some of the industry’s biggest names!

Full Color 224 pages $14.99 trade paperback


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