Green Hornet Snagged by Columbia Pictures



Wow!  The Green Hornet movie is getting closer and closer to completion.  Columbia Pictures has optioned the rights to the crime fighter.  While an option is no guarantee a movie will be made, the company says Neal Moritz will produce.

Columbia optioned the rights to The Green Hornet from Moritz who acquired the rights from Green Hornet Inc. Commenting on the announcement, Moritz said, “I couldn’t be more thrilled to be developing this world renowned property with the people who brought Spider-Man to the screen. I can’t imagine a studio better equipped or more prepared to handle this kind of material than Sony. With the radio show, television program, comic books, and novels, there is ample source material to bring this classic crime-fighter to life.”

Columbia President of Production Matt Tolmach said the studio has a lot of passion and commitment to the character.  I know several other studios that have made the same comment about other comic properties, that have lead to less than stellar results.

via Superhero Hype! (link)