Dark Xena Returns!



Dark Xena #1 links the finale of the popular television show with the Dynamite Entertainment series. This new series chronicles the sacrifices her companions made for her to return, as well as the consequences of her resurrection.

About the release, Dynamite Entertainment stated: “Our first Xena story brought fans back everything they loved about the Warrior Princess–action, adventure, twists and turns! Writer John Layman designed a tale of the Warrior Princess worthy of all the gods on Olympus, and artist Fabiano Neves brought the “Contest of Pantheons” to life. Now, Layman’s next journey for Xena takes a step back in time and ties the comic series into regular Xena television continuity. Plus, hot off the heels of his outstanding work on the first Xena Annual (Strange Visitor), artist Noah Salonga will be teaming up with Layman to bring fans Xena’s next big adventure – Dark Xena! Now is the time to turn back the clock and tie it all together in a dramatic tale of Xena’s dark side.”

Dynamite Entertainment has sent us a look at the four different covers for Dark Xena #1 when it ships in May for $3.50.