Cylon Apocalypse Nears Conclusion



Dynamite Entertainment announced Javier Greillo-Marxuach will be wrapping up the four issue mini-series Battlestar Galactica: Cylon Apocalypse this May. Who is he? Perhaps you need to put down the comic books and turn on your television and catch an episode or two of Lost and Medium, both of which Javier has written and produced.

“Cylon Apocalypse has been a wild viper ride — a basestar-shattering, Cylon-smashing adventure that allowed me to bring some of my wildest dreams of the Classic Universe to sequential life,” said Javier. “As the series reaches its final chapter, I hope that fans of Classic Battlestar are revved up for the thrilling conclusion. Writing adventures for the original Adama, Starbuck, Apollo and company has been an awesome journey, I’ve made sure to put that sense of awe and excitement into every page of the series…and that’s no felgercarb!”

Here’s how Dynamite describes the final issue:
The Cylon Apocalypse comes to a Kobol-shattering conclusion! In this issue Starbuck races to flee the doomed Cylon homeworld as Adama and the Galactica wage a battle like none we’ve ever seen, against a deadly new Cylon threat! Will the fleet be able to prevent the Cylons from following them on their course to Earth! Find out as this special mini-series event concludes!


The final issue arrives in May for $3.50.