CMX, the manga imprint of DC Comics, has announced plans to publish eight new titles. The titles will begin shipping in July 2007 and continue through spring 2008. The list includes Two Flowers for the Dragon, Tears of a Lamb, Venus in Love, Palette of 12 Secret Colors, King of Cards, Presents Volume 1, and Samurai Commando: Mission 1549. DC is doing the right thing by playing up manga for all it is worth.

A complete description of each title after the jump.

Originally published by Hakusensha, this manga features the work of writer/artist Nari Kusakawa and is slated to reach stores in Spring 2008.

From the creator of The Recipe for Gertrude comes a romantic tale of a princess and love…maybe too much love! Shakuya, heir to the Dragon family, has two fiancés…by accident, of course! When one disappeared she did what any woman would do—replaced him. Everything was fine until fiancé number one came back to town—with everything but his memory. What is a girl to do?! Now, Shakuya must choose who she wants to marry, using the clues provided by the magical tattoos that represent her two suitors. Shakuya decides she will marry the man whose symbolizing tattoo grows the biggest. But will that be her first love of her second?!

Originally published by Hakusensha, this manga features the work of writer/artist Banri Hidaka and is slated to reach stores January 2008.

Life is hard, but friends can help you through it. Some time ago, High school student Kei lost something of value in the apartment across the hall, and now she’s determined to get it back. Kenzaki–– the guy who lives there now–– is just as set on keeping this weird new girl out of his life! He’s hiding a secret: he’s blind in one eye and blames his condition for blowing his junior high school’s shot at the championship. But when Kanzaki learns that Kei has been hiding her anorexia, he realizes that her life is no easier than his. Through their growing bond of friendship, can they help one another get over the traumas that are tearing them apart? Light-hearted and timely, this series deftly deals with both the serious and poignant through skilled and precise storytelling.

Originally published by Hakusensha, this manga features the work of writer/artist Yuki Nakaji, and is slated to reach stores November 2007.

What could be better than sharing the best of times with the best of friends? Nothing. Suzuna, a newly-minted college freshman, is living on her own for the first time. After enduring six years at an all-girls school, she’s looking to make friends, join a club and hopefully get a boyfriend! Her circle includes the beautiful Hinako, and Eichi, her new neighbor—but she’s most excited about Eichi’s friend Fukumi, a charismatic tennis player. Suzuna starts crushing on him early on and is grateful he spends so much time next door at Eichi’s place. But soon Suzana discovers unexpected competition!

Originally published by Hakusensha, this manga features the work of writer/artist Nari Kusakawa and is slated to reach stores July 2007.

On the isolated island of Opal in the South Seas live the world’s most colorful birds; the birds have attracted a school for aspiring “color magicians” who have the ability to “borrow” color from one object and “paint” it on another, transferring some aspects of the color along with it. The wizards known as Palettes are all born with this power, but they require extensive training before they can be safely allowed out into the world. Aspiring color magician Cello is about to fail her freshman year. She has the drive and a great bird, Yoyo, from which to get colors—if she could just learn to control her power! Everyone agrees that she has the potential, now Cello must focus her talents and prove everyone right.

KingofCards_1_FC.jpgKING OF CARDS
Originally published by Hakusensha, this manga features the work of writer/artist Makoto Tateno and is slated to reach stores August 2007.

Manami Minami is intrigued by the card game called “Choas,” and since her cousin Tamotsu is one of Japan’s leading players, she’s ready to start playing herself. But when she purchases a beginner’s set from a trading card store, it contains the ultra-ultra-rare “Sahgan the Mighty Sorcerer” card. Word quickly leaks out and Manami finds herself getting both extravagant offers to sell the card and game challenges with the card as the prize. Believing the cards should be fun and not a mere commodity, she refuses all offers. But things get complicated when Sahgan himself enters her dreams, offering her advice on how to beat all challengers and become the number one CHAOS player in all Japan.

Originally published by Akita Shoten, this manga features the work noted writer/artist Kanako Inuku and is slated to reach stores October 2007.

CMX enters the horror genre just in time for Halloween with the debut of this wild and scary anthology series. Kurumi should be an old lady, but she is still just a young girl. In all of her years, she’s never opened a present and believes that’s people must get older because age is included in those wrapped boxes. Now it is her role to travel around, bestowing gifts on “worthy” recipients. But these presents never turn out to be what they really wanted. There’s always a dark side and a high price to pay—so if Kurumi offers you a present, run!

SamCom_v1_cvr_300_solicit.jpgSAMURAI COMMANDO: MISSION 1549
Originally published by Kadokawa, the manga is based on an original concept by Ryo Hanmura, written by Harutoshi Fukui and illustrated by Ark Performance and is slated to reach stores July 2007.

Samurai Commando: Mission 1549 begins when a military test accidentally sends a modern day army back in time to feudal Japan. When their actions in the past begin to have an effect on the present, another unit is dispatched to retrieve them. Colonel Matoba, the commander of the lost unit, has an agenda: he wants to use his advanced technology to conquer Japan and change his country’s destiny. It’s up to Kashima, Matoba’s former protégé, to stop him. But he only has a narrow window of time, and it is rapidly closing. Based on an award-winning Japanese novel that was made into two different films, this two-volume story is hard-hitting and action-packed.

Ihateyou_v1_FC_cc_300-copy.jpgI HATE YOU MORE THAN ANYONE VOL. 1
From writer/artist Banri Hidaka. The series will hit bookstores in July 2007.

This manga romance spotlights Kazuha Akiyoshi, the eldest of six children. Highly responsible and irresistibly cute, Kazuha is also something of a tomboy who never allows her softer side to show through. When she meets Mizushima– the first guy to treat her more like a girl than one of the guys– Kazuha experiences her first serious crush. But will it be reciprocated? And then there’s Sugimoto, an older guy who is determined to be an important part of her life, but he is who Kazuha hates more than anyone! Crossed signals and romantic mix-ups happen all the time in this funny and touching series.

I Hate You More Than Anyone introduces the work of Banri Hidaka to the United States in what promises to be a big year for this popular Japanese creator. Look for an upcoming announcement from CMX and TOKYOPOP about two other series set to debut from Ms. Hidaka.

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