Whoa! Didn’t see this one coming. Warner Bros. has hired Kiernan and Michele Mulroney to write the script for the bigscreen team up of the Justice League of America. While I would expect the big guns to be in the movie, Warner did not disclose to Variety who would be the core team members. Please, oh please, oh please don’t do Justice League Detroit!

Now that the Batman and Superman film franchises have been revived, does the studio go after Christian Bale (“Batman Begins”) and Brandon Routh (“Superman Returns”) to star in a Justice League pic? Studio is also trying hard to bring Wonder Woman to the bigscreen.

To a large degree, casting will depend upon the story arc for the JLA feature and at what point in the superheroes’ lives the plot takes place.

Let me repeat: Please, oh please, oh please don’t do Justice League Detroit!

While I would be okay with movie based on the Giffen/Dematteis Justice League International (especially one that included Batman punching out Guy Gardner), the chances of getting Bale or Brandon Routh to sign on, or even getting Batman and Superman being central figures, seems rather slim. If you also couple the fact DC has killed off Blue Beetle, changed Booster Gold’s role in the DCU, plus the dramatic change of Captain Marvel (among others), having a great Justice League movie seems totally out of reach.

Perhaps it is just me, but while the Smallville “Justice” episode was good, I fear that is the blueprint for this movie.

Please, oh please, oh please don’t do Justice League Detroit!

via Variety (link)

So the BIG question is, “Who would you cast in a Justice League of America movie?” I’m sure there will be those who simply want The Big Seven, but if you could go Unlimited who would make that list?


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  1. Matthew Peterson on

    I’d like to see the Detroit League, especially on television… Aquaman as leader (a character everyone knows), street level powers (sound, strength, stretching, shapeshifting and… uh… Vixen), and it’s a diverse cast. The core seven consists of five white men, a white woman, and an obvious alien.

    The Detroit League has what Hollywood wants: a strong female character, racial diversity (Puerto Rican, African, Gypsy, Martian, and two big blonde all-American types for “identification”), and it’s much easier on the special effects. Plus, I love the Detroit League.

    Barring that, I think they could do a live action version of JLU’s big seven without completely killing themselves on special effects. The original Justice League lineup wouldn’t suck either (Green Lantern, Blue Beetle, Dr. Fate, Batman, Captain Marvel, Black Canary, Mr. Miracle and Booster Gold), but, honestly, any League movie with the big guns will turn into “Batman, Superman, and their Amazing Friends.”

  2. I still wanna see the first JLI that seems to have a similar lineup to the original League ( Green Lantern, Blue Beetle, Dr. Fate, Batman, Captain Marvel, Black Canary, Mr. Miracle and Booster Gold). Instead of a Hal Jordan GL, I would be happy with Jon Stewart, but would much prefer Guy Gardner. If they could throw in Fire and Ice, you could get your diverse cast of Brazilian and Norwegian. Heck, now that I type that out, MY JLA movie seems an awful lot like CSI: Miami…. bummer.

  3. the cast goes like this:

    Superman: Thomas Jane, (AKA, the Punisher)

    Wonder Woman: Demi Moore, maybe, or some other dark-haired actress whose not skinny as a rail

    Green Lantirn: Jamie Fox or Denzel Washingtion

    Supergirl: April Scott, if you dont know who she is google her, you wont be dissappointed

    The Flash: 1: Ryan Renolds, 2: Sean William Scott, preferibly 2

    Batman: Christian Bale, he was OK and can be made to look older, he needs to work out more though for the part,

    Jonn Jonze, the martian manhunter: probably CGI, if you can think of an actor tell me, maybe Michael Clark Duncan, who played the kingpin in Daredevil

    Lex Luthor: Kevin Spacey, who else?

    you would need to round out the cast but these would be the necisities, but these people can all play there parts very well, it would need a good plot and would probably need to be a long movie but preferibly it would involve Luthor as president of the US, a position he holds in the comic books, and a fight with either darkised, brainiack, or apokolipse, as they were the most dangerous of the enemies in the comics and cartoon series, whatever happens they cant use kids to play the parts of who should be experienced superheros in the movie, by the time the JLU was formed superman and wonder woman were nearing middle-age, like 35 or older, using kids would ruin a good movie

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