Titan Productions and Silent Devil Launch New Comic Book Franchise



Silent Devil has announced a deal with Titan Productions, a franchise development company specializing in the video game industry, to launch a new comic book franchise at the New York Comic Con.

Executive Assistant looks to be an amazing tale based on real events that happened in Asia in the 70s and 80s when, female executive assistants were trained as killers. Executive Assistant brings the tale into the modern day, and to celebrate the new title, Silent Devil and Titan Productions will have a lithograph available at its booth (#751) during the NYCC. Created by relative newcomer Siya.

You can see the full image after the jump.

A relative newcomer to comics, Siya’s art caught the eye of (David) Wohl several years ago at a convention in Seattle. “Over the years that I’ve been involved with publishing comics, I’ve probably perused tens of thousands of art samples,” expressed Wohl. “And among those many pages, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to have seen the work of a number of “diamonds in the rough”– From Joe Benitez to David Finch, from Billy Tan to Michael Turner–one look at their work and you knew you were seeing something special. And now, with Siya, I think the potential for greatness is there. And I’m as excited as everyone else to see how far she can go!”


My curiosity is piqued for this title and hope the story is well done. I’ve been in contact with Silent Devil and we may have something more on this real soon.