Red Sonja Battles the Undead



Rumblings of a Dark God are spreading throughout the outer villages of the land, and Red Sonja travels to investigate in Dynamite Entertainment’s Red Sonja: Vacant Shell one-shot.

During her journey, she saves a severly wounded man, and then must deal with the consequences.

“There are as many consequences to saving a person as killing one. You sort of have to own their acts once you give them their life back. With no knowledge of the man of if his tale is true or not, Sonja is forced to trust her instincts and hope they are not being manipulated. Sonja is eventually led to a village turned completely evil, its inhabitants no more than ghouls who’ve traded away their souls. Things get progressively worse from there. This will be a painful learning experience for the character. It’s also perfect self-contained issue that deals with characters from regular continuity…”

Writer Rick Remender is joined by the incredibly talented Paul Renaud finds the She-Devil amidst a village of the undead and up against a dark sorcerer bent of unleashing hell in Hyboria!


Red Sonja Vacant Shell will be available in April for $4.99.

via Dynamite Entertainment (link)