Marvel Sneak Peek – Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Edition



Marvel Comics let us know Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man #17 has completely sold out, and for now, the company has no plans to go back to press. This is the first issue to feature Spider-Man jumping back in his black costume to fight crime.

To whet your appetite, Marvel has sent us a sneak peek of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #18.

Spidey teams with his long-time enemy, the Sandman, to save an innocent man on death row accused of the recent killing of…Uncle Ben? It’s action and adventure featuring everyone’s favorite arachnid in his fan-favorite duds.

FNS 18 COV.jpgFNS 18 1.jpgFNS 18 2.jpgFNS 18 3.jpg

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #18 is scheduled to be in stores March 7 for $2.99.