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Zombies are all the rage, and raging zombies are even better. Word from Dynamite Entertainment is it has a hot zombie title that takes place smack dab in the middle of a full on zombie infestation. But unlike “those other zombie titles”, Dynamite has a twist.

Issue #2 is scheduled to hit stores in April and follows a band of survivors as they move from the land of the undead to the bowels of a research laboratory. There, the group encounters Dr. Jones, who could save everyone or kill all remaining humanity.

The covers for these issues look great, and I love the homage to Norman Rockwell. You can see the full cover and more after the jump.

When asked about the secrets of Raise The Dead, co-writer Leah Moore stated, “Well I can’t reveal too much, but there is an unexpected element which even the characters aren’t ready for. Someone in the Raise The Dead world is slightly better prepared for the outbreak than the rest of them. That person might be only adding to the mayhem, but maybe they have the solution…we have to wait and see.”



via Dynamite Entertainment (link)