Shumacher NOT Doing Sandman


gaiman.jpgRumors circulated widely earlier this week when Joel Shumacher mentioned in an interview he would love to direct the Neil Gaiman Sandman movie. After seeing what the man did to Batman, it would have been a huge mistake to give a Shumacher driven Sandman a green light.

Well there is good news – as far as Neil Gaiman is concerned.

I remember about eight years ago the then Warner Brothers co-studio head Billy Gerber told me that he got weekly calls from people who wanted to make, direct or star in a Sandman film. “On Wednesday,” he said, “Michael Jackson called about it.” Given the comments some months ago from Alan Horn and Jeff Robinoff, who now run Warner Brothers, I don’t believe the calls from people who want to make Sandman have decreased in the last eight years — quite the reverse. Which I mention because I got a small deluge of letters from people asking me what I thought about Joel Shumacher saying in an interview that he’d love to direct a Sandman film and wondering if that meant that it was now about to happen, and of course it doesn’t and it isn’t. It simply puts Mr Schumacher in a very long line of people who want to make Sandman, some way ahead of Michael Jackson.

So there you go. Thank the gods…

via Neil Gaiman (link)