Top 25 Web Comics Viewer’s Choice Edition


stick.jpgJust another popularity list…

There has been a lot of discussion both on Major Spoilers and various other websites regarding my Top 57 Web Comics You Should Be Reading list. Some comments were positive, some excited about where their favorite strip landed, but most about the web comics that didn’t make my list.

This installment is aptly named Viewer’s Choice. Based on the responses in the forum, comments and other websites that have linked to the original list, I’ve taken all of the recommendations and ranked them according to Alexa (a popular web ranking system).

While web ranking systems are cool, they can be corrupted very easily to give false results. I mentioned this before, but to keep the gates of Major Spoilers from being torn down by rapid fan boys and fan girls, I’ll be using a ranking system for the Viewer’s Choice.

25. Asylumantics
24. Terinu
23. Lilformers
22. Home on the Strange
21. A Miracle of Science
20. Gunnerkrig Court
19. The Beevnicks
18. Wigu
17. Fetus X
16. Freefall
15. Zap in Space
14. Overcompensating
13. Irregular Webcomic
12. Bigger Than Cheese
11. Dueling Analogs
10. Kevin & Kell
09. Goblins
08. Inverlock
07. Scary Go Round
06. Dominic Deegan Oracle for Hire
05. Schlock Mercenary
04. Sluggy Freelance
03. Something Positive
02. 8-bit Theater
01. Order of the Stick

There you go, 25 more web comics to add to your list, probably wasting away even more of your day. Enjoy your new reading material!