Top Cow Productions has sent us the titles, covers, and solicitation information for items available in April 2007.

Witchblade/The Punisher
(W) Ron Marz
(A) Adriana Melo
(Cov) Tim Bradstreet

Sara Pezzini and the Witchblade meet their toughest opponent yet in The Punisher! Urban legend tells of a brutal vigilante on an endless quest to avenge his family, innocent bystanders killed years ago in a mob shootout. The boogie man that criminals warn their troublemaking kids about is called – The Punisher. As a New York City homicide detective, Sara’s seen just about everything and she doesn’t believe in legends. But when she encounters the myth himself during a prison transport she must ask herself – do the ends justify the means? And will her partner, Patrick Gleason pay the ultimate price for her principles?

The popular creative team behind the monthly WITCHBLADE title, Ron Marz (ION) and Adriana Melo bring their considerable talents to this tense, action packed crossover one shot. And for the first time ever, the quintessential Punisher artist Tim Bradstreet’s art graces a Top Cow cover.

Full Color 32 pages $3.99

Madame_Mirage_First_Look_Cv.jpgMadame Mirage First Look
(W) Paul Dini
(A) Kenneth Rocafort
(Cov) Kenneth Rocafort

Who is Madame Mirage? This is the question at the center of Paul Dini’s (DETECTIVE COMICS, WITCHBLADE ANIMATED) first newly created character series from Top Cow Productions. Dini, best known for his work on the BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES and creating fan favorite character HARLEY QUINN, brings his unique vision to Top Cow. Joining Dini as the regular series artist is Top Cow rising star Kenneth Rocafort, who’s been riveting fans with his highly kinetic art on HUNTER-KILLER.
This FIRST LOOK gives readers an exclusive look at the upcoming series and introduces Top Cow’s latest femme fatale Madame Mirage! But who is Madame Mirage? What is nature of her powers? What drives her vendetta against the shadowy ASI? Get a glimpse of things to come and don’t miss out on this chance at this FIRST LOOK, because MADAME MIRAGE tends to disappear!

Retailer incentive (order form only) – Retailers whose orders match or exceed their orders for HUNTER-KILLER #0 will receive 1 copy of an exclusive incentive alternate cover by Silvestri or Rocafort for every 50 copies ordered for free (with 1 copy minimum).

Full Color 16 pages $0.99

WB_Manga_3_Cvr.jpgWitchblade Manga #3
(W) Yasuko Kobayashi
(A) Kazasa Sumita
(C) Blond
(Cov) Sumita

Top Cow Productions and Bandai Entertainment proudly present a wholly unique interpretation of the WITCHBLADE mythos in this authentic manga. Takeru is an average schoolgirl being raised in a Buddhist monastery by a group of nuns. That is until a group of mysterious black clad monks show up at the monastery with bad intent!

In this issue Takeru joins with the Witchblade, the Demon Claw, for the first time. And as Takeru struggles against the power of the Witchblade, Kou also realizes his own destiny and struggles with the burden of his heritage. Originally serialized in Japan’s popular magazine, CHAMPION RED and written by WITCHBLADE ANIME head writer, Yasuko Kobayashi, this uniquely Japanese tale is collected for the first time in standard comic format and in glorious full color.

Full Color 32 pages $2.99

Witchblade Generations WizardWorld Texas Exclusive T-shirt
(Art by) Top Cow’s Finest

The WITCHBLADE GENERATIONS t-shirt debuted at the 2006 WizardWorld Texas show to eagerly awaiting fans. This exclusive t-shirt features three generations of WITCHBLADE bearers – Sara Pezzini, Masane from the WITCHBLADE ANIME, and the current bearer of the WITCHBLADE, Danielle Baptiste – in a striking image across the front of the shirt. The back of this white t-shirt features the new “Top Cow Gear” logo. Show your love with the first WITCHBLADE apparel item in years!

MED-XL $19.99

The Darkness Ultimate Collection TP

The Darkness Ultimate Collection collects the two essential storylines which inspired The Darkness Video Game – Coming of Age and Resurrection. Coming of Age tells the classic origin story that introduced Jackie Estacado and The Darkness to the Top Cow Universe, written by Garth Ennis ( Preacher, Punisher) and drawn by living legend

Marc Silvestri (X-Men, Civil War: The Initiative). Resurrection is the pivotal tale which served as the primary storyline for the video game, written by Paul Jenkins (Wolverine: Origin, Civil War: Frontline) and drawn by superstar Dale Keown ( Incredible Hulk, Pitt). Plus a foreword by lead game designer Jens Andersson of Starbreeze and other exclusive bonus material for the video game!

352 pages – Full Color – $19.99 trade paperback

FRv2001_05_cvr_B.jpgFRESHMEN II #5
“Fundamentals of Fear x153: The Question” pt. 5
(W) Hugh Sterbakov
(P) Will Conrad
(Col) Blond
(Cov) Conrad, Migliari

The Puppeteer has jumped into many minds, but never one as terrifying as the one she finds herself trapped in now! As she battles for her life, the Freshmen risk everything to save her! The true evil of the Jupiter Corporation is revealed while the kids struggle with a cataclysmic rift in their team! And the final fate of Mr. Fiddlesticks is revealed, in a special issue he narrates!

Co-created by BUFFY and ROBOT CHICKEN star Seth Green and written by Mr. Universe runner-up Hugh Sterbakov!

Cover A) Will Conrad
Cover B) Rodolfo Migliari (Part 4 of a six-part cover)

Full Color 32 pages $3.99 continuing series

CoH19cvr.jpgCity of Heroes #19 “Portals”
(W) Sean Fish
(P) Mark A. Robinson
(I) Rick Basaldua
(C) Blond

Over four years ago the first phase of the Rikti War ended when Hero 1 led Omega Team into the Rikti main portal base and destroyed it. The Rikti withdrew into their hidden lairs and the war became focused on skirmishes. Recently, Positron has detected increased Rikti activity and must uncover their secrets. While Positron feverishly tries to determine what the warlike aliens are planning, the rest of the Freedom Phalanx seek out the one man with any knowledge of what happened during that cataclysmic explosion so many years ago, the Invulnerable Ajax.

Full Color 32 pages $2.99

Necromancer_TP_Cvr.jpgNECROMANCER TPB
(W) Joshua Ortega
(P) Francis Manapul
(Cov) Manapul

From science fiction writer Joshua Ortega (FREQUENCIES) and fan favorite penciler Francis Manapul (WITCHBLADE, THE DARKNESS), comes the story of Abigail van Alstine. Abigail is a stunning, smart high school student who just happens to be a natural spellcaster and adept in The Way. Abigail is thrust into the world of magic and soon ensnared in a larger conflict between the Church of Mali, an ancient demon, the Dark Agents, and the mysterious Hierarchy. What will Abby’s inexperience cost her in this grand game?

Necromancer is a gothic fantasy adventure brought to you by two storytelling powerhouses who pull you in and never let go! This collection includes all six issues, plus bonus material such as character designs, layout, and lots more. Find out about the book people have been talking about all year!

Full Color 144 pages $14.99 trade paperback


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