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Didn’t want you to think that I had let the day slip by without uploading this installment of the Top 57 Web Comics.  I would never do that to you just when we are hitting the teens. But isn’t that how our teenage years were? Full of disappointment, that left us the bitter bitter adults we are now… No? Well, me neither.


So today we get so close to the top ten, those on the list must be feeling the heat of being in the presence of such brilliance. That isn’t to say numbers 20 through 11 have anything to be ashamed of, they totally rock!

One thing to keep in mind – this is not a defacto, hands down, scientific, winner-take-all list. These are the web comics I think are worthy enough to qualify as Best Of…

I think The Geek over at the Digital Strips Podcast site said it best in an article he wrote today.

The list is pretty good so far. I’m surprised on a few of the entries but you have to remember the source as several of the comics listed have a comic book slant to them. Also some of the strips I’ve never even heard of, but personally I like that. It gives me a chance to read some new strips as Schleicher provided links to them.

It’s important to remember that this list is just one person’s opinion, every once in a while people will point to a list like this as if it were decided by some scientifically verifiable method. It’s not. It’s not even done by a committee of Web comics experts (can anyone even really call themselves that?). One guys, one list. Just keep that in mind should you or your favorite comic get overlooked.

Hey! The Geek found some new web comics to read! That is totally awesome, and is a great result of putting out a list like this. Maybe you too will find something worthwhile to read that will make your Top of the Best of List too…

The tag for O’s Commissioned comics is “Roll for 20”, and his content and humor earn him this spot. What I like about Obsidian’s work is he has at least three different stories for readers to follow. The first are comedic takes on events that happen in his life, with stories centered around D&D and Cyberpunk gaming rounding out the trio.

19. Count Your Sheep
The innocence of children is so precious, especially when an imaginary friend is tossed in as well. Thus is the case with Katie, her mom, and their imaginary friend Ship. The strip is actually quite sad at times as single mother deals with raising her daughter and struggling to make ends meet. Where’s the husband/dad? He died… While that is a major bummer, most of the time the strips do make you smile and appreciate what you have in life.

18. diesel sweeties
Not your normal pixilated comics, Diesel Sweeties has humans and robots living together in harmony (sometimes). There is some great news for Digital Sweeties, beginning this week it is being syndicated in national newspapers.

17. Evil Inc.
Another superhero web comic makes the list! Evil Inc. tells the story of super villains who form their own company to make evil-doing that much easier. You definitely want to read the archives to catch the cameo appearances by mainstream villains we all know and love…er…hate.

16. Questionable Content
Angsty tales of 20-somethings, their relationships with each other, and the coffee shop they work in. Not always safe for work in terms of the written content, so be careful your giggling and laughter doesn’t attract the boss into your cubicle.

15. Real Life
Another strip where the creator pulls content from his real life. I don’t know why I like strips about daily life and strips about nothing, but I just do.

14. Ugly Hill
Ugly Hill is kind of like a cross between Dilbert and Foxtrot, but with monsters. If you don’t get into the strip right away, give it another two or three weeks, and it will creep into your daily must read list.

13. Sheldon
I’m surprised this one made it so far up my list since I’ve only been reading it for a couple of months. Sheldon reminds me a lot of Calvin and Hobbes, but turned up a notch with lots more sarcasm and animals.

12. MegaTokyo
Largo and Piro are two game fans that got drunk at E3 and decided to fly to Japan. Problem is they don’t have enough money to fly back, so they take up random jobs like teaching English and working in a local game store. It’s not just about games, emotionally involved robots and falling in love also get in the way.

MegaTokyo is brilliantly drawn, but the story drags on for so long it is often difficult to get through a major storyline in any amount of time. If you don’t want to blow through the archives, you might check your local bookstore, as there are four collected digests of the series.

11. Sinfest
This is my guilty pleasure of the day. Sinfest, as the name implies, is often raunchy, runs a fine line between humor and blasphemy, and says what we are all thinking. This is another one of those not-necessarily-safe-for-work comics that is a lot more hardcore than Questionable Content.

Sometimes it is hard to explain why I like Sinfest so much. Part of it is the artwork, another part is the dig on religion, sex, gender roles and more.

For a long while, I thought the comic had disappeared for good, but Tatsuya Ishida is back on overdrive, kicking out new stuff nearly every day. While MegaTokyo takes its influence from Manga with lots of fine detail, Sinfest opts for simplistic yet solid art that again reminds me of Watterson’s work.

Okay. There you go! The only thing left is the Top Ten, the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the apples of my eye, the sugar in my coffee…but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for that installment.

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